Omg! Scarlett Johansson Exposed Him and Her Fans Fell in Love

Scarlett Johansson

The most detailed saw it from the Red Carpet.

During the last Oscar Awards ceremony, actress Scarlett Johansson has once again surprised all her fans after leaving something everyone expected to see.

And it is that the actress has one of the most famous tattoos in Hollywood, the one that looks on her back that deals with several roses on her left side that represent her daughter Rose Dorothy,

However, Scarlett’s first evening dress left something insight that only a few could notice but it was the second, the one she used during the celebration, which confirmed the rumors.

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Que mulher, senhoras e senhores!

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Despite not obtaining the statuette in any of her 2 nominations, Johansson did not go unnoticed and generated all kinds of reactions when the new tattoo was first observed.

And it is that in the party after the Oscars, the actress placed a crop top in the same style as the dress used for the gala, and has exposed the immense owl that has been tattooed.

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Scarlett no #OscarPary 2020

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All fans of ” Black Widow “, have been surprised by the area in which she has chosen for the tattoo, since it is one of the most sensitive areas, on the ribs.

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Eu tô apaixonada em uma mulher 😍

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For many, Scarlett’s tattoos have hidden messages, the roses on her back that seem to be born from her right hip are for her daughter, the owl speculates that it is for freedom because she is with her wings unfolded, but still, nobody knows the meaning of the lamb on her back.



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