Omicron. Does the vaccine protect against the new variant?

The head of the Israeli Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday that there are signs that the vaccine protects against the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. In Israel, 4 cases of infection with Omikron have been registered. The overall incidence is low, the Jerusalem Post reported.

“ We will have more detailed information on the efficacy of the vaccine against the Omikron variant in the coming days, but there is room for optimism and there are preliminary indications that those who are vaccinated with a still valid or booster vaccine will be protected against it, ” Horowitz said during the visit at the Soroka Medical Center in Beer Sheva together with the Minister of Finance, Avigdor Liberman.

– Vaccination is really crucial now. Anyone exposed to the Omikron variant without being vaccinated will run unnecessary risks, he said.

The effectiveness of Pfizer

Late Tuesday evening, a Channel 12 report said the Pfizer vaccine is only slightly less effective at preventing Omicron infections than Delta – 90 percent. compared to 95 percent. – while it is equally effective – about 93 percent. – to prevent serious symptoms in people who have already been vaccinated with a booster dose.

The Omikron variant’s ability to infect is higher than Delta’s, but not as much as feared – about 1.3 times higher, according to the report.

Omikron is already in Poland?

– We do not have any case of infection with the Omikron coronavirus variant confirmed in Poland today, but two samples are being tested in which this mutation is suspected – said spokesman for the Ministry of Health Wojciech Andrusiewicz on Wednesday.

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