Omicron first appeared in Europe? “Moves fast”

The latest findings from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that “the new coronavirus variant spreads very quickly and is quite contagious.” According to the President of Botswana, the four diplomats who were the first in the country to test positive for Omicrons recently arrived from Europe. Mokgweetsi Masisi called for the lifting of the international bans imposed on his country.

Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi recalled that the appearance of the Omikron was first announced by South Africa on November 25, and Botswana did the same a day later. He stressed that the new variant of the coronavirus was first discovered by diplomats arriving in Botswana from different parts of the world, four of them from Europe.

Diplomats came from many countries … and traveled many countries to get to Botswana Masisi said.

Some have been to Europe and others elsewhere. It is unnecessary and even irresponsible to introduce travel bans from my country – added.

President Batlhalefi Leagajang’s spokesman added, that Masisi did not disclose the countries where the Omicron-infected diplomats stayed, or their countries of origin, as “the virus should never be geopolitical.”

According to Botswana government figures, the Omikron was discovered in diplomats who arrived in the country on November 7. So far, in fact 20 cases of a new variant coronavirus have been detected in Botswana.

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New information about Omikron was presented by Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientific advisor to the World Health Organization (WHO).

We suppose, that the Omikron variant is quite infectious and spreads quicklybecause the number of infections in South Africa doubles every day Swaminathan said in an interview with the Reuters Agency.

She completed that According to a study by South African scientists, where the new variant was first detected, each infected person infects three times as many people as in the case of the Alpha and Delta variants.

How much should we be afraid? We must be prepared, careful and not panic – the expert noted. She added that now, thanks to the rapid development of vaccines against Covid-19, the world is much better equipped to fight the pandemic.

See you most Omicron infections appear to be mildbut more research is needed to determine if this variant causes a milder form of Covid-19 Swaminathan emphasized.

Omikron will help the government lower fuel prices

The WHO representative recalled that currently 99 percent worldwide. infections are caused by the Delta variant, but Omikron may or may not become the dominant variant of SARS-CoV-2 over time.

To effectively combat the spread of the Omikron variant, WHO has called on the nations of the world to step up their vaccination campaigns against Covid-19. The organization believes that the travel restrictions introduced may help reduce infections with the new variant in the short term, but they are not a long-term solution.

Swaminathan said it was too early to say whether the advent of the Omicron would require modification of existing vaccines.

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