Omicron. United Kingdom: The military supports hospitals that are understaffed

Hospitals in London, as elsewhere in the UK, are struggling with serious staff shortages as a large proportion of NHS public health staff are sick or are in isolation due to variant of the Omikron. At the same time, the number of patients who due to COVID-19 they went to hospitals – while at the beginning of December there were about 1,100 of them in London, now the number reaches 4,000.

The men and women of our Armed Forces are once again supporting their devoted NHS colleagues, working hand in hand with them to protect the nation from COVID-19. They have demonstrated their worth over and over again during this pandemic, be it driving ambulances, giving vaccinations or supporting patients in the hospital, and should be proud of their contribution to this truly national effort, he said. Defense Minister Ben Wallace.

British Prime Minister on Wednesday Boris Johnson expressed his hope that England could get through the current wave of the pandemic without further restrictions.

But head of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) nurses, Patricia Marquis, said Friday that by deploying military personnel to hospitals, the government cannot deny the existence of a staffing crisis in the NHS. – The Prime Minister and others can no longer dismiss questions about the ability of NHS staff to provide safe care – she said.

Across the UK, around 1,800 military personnel are supporting health services in the fight against the pandemic.

As of Friday morning, an emergency was announced in 16 NHS regional offices in England – around one in eightthat is, a state where there is concern that they may not be able to provide even some basic medical services, such as emergency care.


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