Omnibus, “setback for Putin”. Blacksmiths buries Russia on drones from Iran – Il Tempo

Iran’s supply of drones to Russia is one of the hottest topics regarding the war in Ukraine. The topic is addressed by Dario Fabbri, director of Domino and expert in geopolitics, during the October 28 edition of Omnibus, the morning talk show of La7 that sees Andrea Pennacchioli conducting: “It is an axis born of interests reciprocal, they are subjects who have a very complicated relationship, Persians and Russians have known each other for a few centuries. The Russians have a dramatic and embarrassing need for technology and the kamikaze drones Iran is providing, with trainers right in the field to explain how to use them, are part of these supplies. In recent days, the Ukrainians have proved very effective in neutralizing them after the initial slip ”.

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“It may be probable – continues Fabbri – that the Russians are helping Iran in suppressing internal uprisings and attempts at revolution in the streets. The weakness is Russian in this affair, asking for help from Iran technologically is a setback for Vladimir Putin, someone says that Russia has also turned to North Korea. The Iranians continue to negotiate with the US-led UN over their nuclear program. That is to put it in the cellar a bit and rehabilitate Iran for international trade. And this matters, because when Russian gas in Europe disappears completely, one of the ideas is to convey Iranian gas to Europe. Iran, along with Qatar, owns the largest gas field in the world. Infrastructure would have to be built, but if you do not open up to Iran, it becomes complex. But if Iran – concludes Fabbri – intervenes like this in this war, it becomes difficult to open up to the Islamic Republic ”.

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