On December 2, six new signs will appear in Poland. Many drivers have been waiting for them for years

  • D-23b – gas station with a charging point for electric vehicles,
  • D-23c – electric vehicle charging point,
  • D-34b – collective information board,
  • F-14d – an indicator board on the expressway located 300 m in front of the cut-off lane,
  • F-14e – an indicator board on the expressway located 200 m in front of the cut-off lane,
  • F-14f – an indicator board on the expressway located 100 m in front of the cut-off lane.

An example of what the new road signs will look like is in the photo gallery above.

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Will an electric car pass as much as the catalogs promise?

This is a list of signs that will start appearing on Polish roads from December 2. All of them are important for owners of electric cars and plug-in hybrids, as they will inform about charging points. Electric car owners have long been able to park for free in paid zones or use bus lanes. From the beginning of December, they will not have to use special applications to find out where they can recharge their cars. One would like to say: Better late than never.

You can read more about the road regulations on the Gazeta.pl home page.

New signs on Polish roads

Today, charging points for electric cars are marked, among others, by with special envelopes. Road signs, which will appear on December 2, are extremely important for drivers who drive long routes with their electric cars. These drivers will be informed in advance that there are BEV and PHEV charging points at a nearby gas station.

Electric cars in Poland

According to the latest PSPA data (Polish Alternative Fuels Association), 16,037 fully electric cars and 17,106 plug-in hybrids are registered in Poland, which gives a total result of 33,143 units. Their number is growing at a very dynamic pace. The same goes for the number of charging points.

In March 2019, just over 600 electric car charging stations were available in Poland. Data for October this year show over 1700 stations, of which almost every third (31%) is the so-called fast charging station with direct current (DC). It is worth emphasizing that at one station there may be (and most often there is) more than one charging point for an electric car. That is why these 1,700 stations in Poland translate into 3,337 charging points for electric cars.

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