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Green eyes wide open towards the future, often tousled hair up to the neck, lips that seem drawn, milk-colored skin and elegant bearing. An external description which, combined with the multiple intellectual and physical abilities she is gifted with, manages to make the beautiful and talented woman even more interesting and versatile. Greta Iron. Despite her young age, this girl has shown that she has all the credentials to establish herself in the world of entertainment, resulting complete but still about to really take off. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the life and career of the model and actress Greta Iron.

The origins of Greta Ferro

Born on 19 September 1995 in Vasto, the beautiful Greta was lucky enough to live in a family that, in addition to loving her, has always supported her professional choices. Daughter of father Giuseppe, entrepreneur and CEO of an important brand of pasta from Molise and mother Gilda, university professor in Benevento, the model also plays the important role of little Geneva’s older sister.

Important for her training, having taken part in the Intercultura project, allowing her to spend a year in China, before taking her high school diploma in a high school in Campobasso. In 2013 she decided to leave her region, Abruzzo, to pursue a university career. Milan soon became her second home, after enrolling in the Faculty of Economics at Bocconi.

During her sophomore year at university, Greta begins to navigate the tortuous world of fashion. Insightful in figuring out who to trust or not, Greta manages to find two managers who will prove to be her talent scouts for the Why Not Model Agency.

The first experience as an actress

Without abandoning the real reason for her arrival in the north, Greta decides to undertake studies in the field of acting at the Paolo Grassi Civic School of Theater. And it is here that her professional breakthrough begins. To change her life will be the participation in a short film entitled A jacket (2018) directed by Marco Armando Piccinini. (You can see it in the player above).

With the supervision of Michael Placidothis 11-minute video was made for the fashion house of Giorgio Armani. A name that will often return to his life.
A jacket tells the story of two girls grappling with a job interview. Set in different decades, between delays and unexpected events, the garment chosen to give the title to this short will prove to be fundamental for the outcome of the test.

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Greta Ferro and the cast of the Made in Italy fiction

A “Made in Italy” beauty

Despite the participation of Greta Iron, in the short film is quite limited, the close-ups on her face soap and water, will be enough for the directors Panini needle and Luke Lucini to choose her as the protagonist of the TV series Made in Italy aired in 2019 on Canale5. And here comes, unexpectedly the great opportunity for Greta to play her first leading role.

Set in Milan in 1974, the young girl arrived from southern Italy, after reading a job advertisement at a journalistic editorial office, the well-known magazine Appeal, decides to get involved and demonstrate her talent. But in a world made of sequins, chiffon and envy, it will be essential for Irene to pull out her nails and teeth to be taken seriously by the people who count.

The aspiring fashion journalist, Irene Mastrangelo, it also recounts the uprisings that dwelt in Italy in the 1970s, a victim of social struggles, in the hot months of the introduction of divorce and the relative female emancipation. This condition is very dear to Mastrangelo and that leads her to become stronger and more determined, going against the wishes of her family and her boyfriend Luigi.

In addition to high fashion, the heart of the story told over the course of the 8 episodes, shot between Morocco, Milan and Rome, is also the willpower and commitment employed by a young girl eager to establish herself in the world of journalism. Thanks to the various articles that she will find herself writing, Irene will have the opportunity to cross paths with the greatest Italian stylists of the time. Those names that are still the flagship of our country in the world. Passing by Krizia (Stephanie Rocca), to Giorgio Armani (Raul Bova), Gianni Versace (Achille Marciano), Ottavio Missoni (Enrico LoVerso) and Rosita Missoni (Claudia Pandolfi) and many others.

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Giorgio Armani’s muse

His special relationship with the Italian designer Giorgio Armani, it now dates back to 2018. On the occasion of the 75th edition of the Venice Film Festival. The young Greta Ferro, at the age of 23, found herself treading the red carpet, next to Cate Blanchettas Global Beauty Ambassador for Armani.

As recalled by Ferro in an interview, it was Armani himself who showed interest in her, so much so that he asked her for her contacts. After the short film A jacket, which we mentioned earlier, Greta becomes one of the designer’s muses and the flagship face of the Armani Beauty line. Products for make-up and skin care, in perfect line with the delicacy, elegance and simplicity that belong to Greta.

Is there anything you can’t do?

Mostly considered a model, she actually seems to have focused her entire professional life on acting. A commitment also confirmed by singing lessons, dance combined with the study of piano and classical guitar. The awareness that Ferro is a particularly talented girl, but about to blossom and be appreciated by the vast majority of the public, can be found by reading her profile.

In addition to being able to speak English, Chinese and Spanish fluently, Greta is also a great sports enthusiast, not only to keep her in perfect shape. Among the sporting skills acquired over the years, the most notable are freediving, a 1st level diving license, tennis, volleyball, skiing, horse riding, boxing and yoga.

His social commitment is important. Apparently, in her breaks, she manages to find time to go volunteer to help the homeless with the Order of Malta. Among the issues that are closest to her heart, the continuous struggles for freedom by women forced to live a life of violence, as in the case of the Iranian girl Mahsa Amini, killed for wearing the veil incorrectly her.

El Turco | Greta Ferro and Can Yaman in the series for Disney +

In recent weeks, her name has been bouncing around the world for her participation as the female partner of the Turkish actor Can Yaman in the series El Turco for Disney+. Although there is no photo of them together, at the behest of the production, the two actors have been in Budapest for a few weeks to take part in filming.

Taking into account the abilities listed above, horse riding and knowledge of the English language, the language chosen for filming the series, make her perfect for the role of Yaman’s female co-protagonist.

A post by Greta Ferro in Budapest during a break from the set

Following her Instagram profile, made up of posts and stories dedicated to her boyfriend Germano Invernizzi and her wonderful cats, Greta also manages to update her followers. Through the use of the stories often shot at the first light of dawn, it is easy to understand how tight and demanding this set is, which sees her involved for the first time in an international production.

Definitely, his participation in the series El Turcocentered on the story of the heroic leader Hasan Balaban, will be the right occasion for the audience to consider her mainly as an actress.

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