On home video for Warner Bros. Beetlejuice and Don’t Worry Darling

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment continues to give great emotions, laughter and adrenaline, thanks to the new home video releases, tra cult of the caliber of Beetlejuice – Piggy Sprite and incredible new cinematic proposals, such as for example Don’t Worry Darling Of Olivia Wilde.

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Beetlejuice and Don’t Worry Darling among the December Warner Bros. home video releases

Both titles are in fact available from 6 Decemberin different versions. Beetlejuice – Piggy Sprite arrives in the new version 4K Ultra HD + Blu-raywhile Don’t Worry Darling has both a version DVD what a Blu-ray (to a single disc).

As is evident, Warner Bros.’s job appears to be to always keep the cinema alivein all its forms and manifestations. Whether it’s an artist such as Olivia Wilde, in his second attempt behind the camera. Or of a personality established and appreciated all over the world, as a solo Tim Burton knows how to be.

Don’t Worry Darling on DVD

The titles in question could not appear more different, on a narrative level but also, and above all, stylistically. A demonstration of how much the public, in its inexhaustible variety, is faced with an offer capable of satisfy anyone’s tastes and, why not, to exceed their expectations.

The phenomenon of Beetlejuice comes alive in 4K Ultra HD

It is definitely the case with Beetlejuice – Piggy Spritecritical and commercial success and winner of Oscar Prize for Best Makeup, from which an animated TV series and a musical were born. Considering that it’s been 34 years since its release, the film continues to exert its charm. And not just about those who grew up in the the eightiestogether with the mythical and exuberant character.

Much of the credit goes to Michael Keaton, decidedly out of line interpreter. In this new home video version – in 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray – the audio and video quality is unquestionably improved and its characteristics are enhanced, while a rich section of special contents (excerpts from the soundtrack, three episodes of the TV series, trailer) makes it unmissable!

Beetlejuice in 4K Ultra HD

From the Venice Film Festival to the DVD of Don’t Worry Darling

As for instead Don’t Worry Darlingavailable on DVD and Blu-ray, we are facing a somewhat work glamorous and stylish. And it is precisely this that creates such a debate around the title, presented out of competition at the 79th International Film Festival from Venice. If everything (or almost) works on a purely visual, surface level, on the narrative level it’s like this many suggestions that attention bounces from one to the other and raises reflections that should not be underestimated. It is clear, however, that often too much meat in the fire turns out to be a double-edged sword…

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Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Chris Pine and Gemma Chan are the protagonists of the film, directed, produced and interpreted by Olivia Wilde. Between special contents – present only in the Blu-ray edition – we find the making of and a deleted scene.

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