“On Kvara half a rigino?”, Spalletti is not there in the conference: the answer to Alvini!

After the win for 1-4 in the house of the CremoneseLuciano Spalletti led the Naples on the lonely peak of the A leaguealso thanks to the tie between Udinese And Atalanta.

The blue coach then spoke at length about the match at Zini during the usual post-race press conference, also responding in a piqued manner to the words of Alvini, the Lombard coach.

Here are his words:

PHOTO: Getty – Luciano Spalletti SSC Napoli’s head coach

It was a complicated match, Cremonese plays good football and made life difficult for many. In Lecce he achieved an important result, and the classification is taken for granted but it is not true because the Cremonese deserves more ”.

“There was an organized team that made our life difficult after the draw because we have not been good at keeping it on our characteristics and when the game changes in this way, everything gets complicated here ”.

“We deservedly earned the victory, we worked as a mature team. Congratulations should be made to such a team, perhaps more than other times. They had clear what to do when restarting ”.

“It wasn’t easy to keep possession and try to find space and keep balance. So, even if with some difficulty, we managed to do it. The third goal is thanks to Kvaratskhelia, this goal must be given to him. Because maybe he understands that it is the same as if he did it when he scored like this. What he did with Lozano will be returned to him“.

PHOTO: Getty – SSC Napoli Hirving Lozano and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia

Congratulations to Mathias Olivera, I have not cut out many spaces for him but every time he enters he shows that he is ready. As well as when I did play Politano and Lozano to whom compliments must be madethe. It’s a bit of a quality of this year’s group to look at the minutes you have available to play well rather than looking at the minutes you haven’t played.

Simeone? By nationality, by hunger to want to establish himself in a higher level team, he immediately manages to transfer this garra he has to the field. He is probably also penalized a bit in his choice. If I do the opposite, I find myself Simeone who played 70 minutes of the game and probably does not have the strength to go head on that ball“.

“But if there is to reverse a situation, it is one thing to enter with the competitive nastiness that he has when fresh, it is one thing to do it in the last 20 minutes when he has already played 70 minutes. It is true that Simeone deserves to play more, but it is always a choice made to ensure that there is the possibility of scoring goals at various moments of the game.“.

“It’s a team-wide extension of what our capabilities are. We have to be good at playing at international rhythms, but sometimes we adapt to Italian rhythms. Instead, we must keep the others, because we are the ones who determine the pace of the game and we must bring it where we have more quality. But I repeat that in front of us we had a very large Cremonese. I congratulate Massimiliano, the fact that I took her home is an extra compliment for the players ”.

PHOTO: Getty – Matteo Politano SSC Napoli

Doubtful rigor? Listen to Spalletti

Half a penalty on Kvara? As we saw it from the bench, it is a penalty. If you want to go play this game here, I’ll show you the player’s shin at the start of the action. Rigor is rigor. In Kvaratskhelia they were put on their hands throughout the game, he says he also received some behavior that is not done. Then the game passed on the correct tracks. At the beginning there were constant losses of time ”.

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