On Netflix the yellow from the stellar cast, which has won the enthusiasm of critics

Intriguing plot, complex and well intertwined, cast to scream, these are the elements of success of one of the best products of its kind on Netflix.

A thriller that unfolds with unimaginable events, which was greatly appreciated by the users of the platform.

Excellent direction by Rian Johnsonwith a cast starring icons of the cinema of the load of Daniel Craig, better known to the public as James Bond. The plot seems inspired by one of the famous yellows by Agatha Christie, in fact, the film released in 2019 is one of the most acclaimed in recent years.

But it is not only Craig who is present within the production, in fact we find other notable faces such as Ana de Armas, Don Johnson, Chris Evans, Michael Shannon and many others. In short, Johnson has spared no expense in bringing this mysterious story to life, which manages to completely capture the viewer’s attention.

The film in question is Dinner with crimefrom the original title Knives out. In addition to being a thriller full of details, twists and unexpected events, it is also one of the brilliant comedies, as there are bizarre characters, which make the whole thing light and sometimes even funny.

The influence of also can be noted Alfred Hitchcockin developing such a complex and layered plot, that up at the end of the film it is impossible to really understand what the missing piece is to solve the crime.

The rich home of the victim is the set where the story is setwhich winds entirely within this environment, but at the same time resulting in anything but static, rather dynamic, unexpected and constantly evolving.

It is a thriller aimed at a very large target, which manages to involve even non-lovers of the genre, through one bold and captivating style.

What is the plot of successful yellow

A famous crime writer living in Los Angeles is killed by an anonymous assassin, who manages to carry out his crime undetected. Apparently Harlan Thrombey’s death looked like a suicide, but it turns out it wasn’t.

The investigations begin through a series of interrogations of multiple suspects. The suspects are all quite eccentric people who do not go unnoticed. Everyone has their own version of events and their alibi, the crime hides more details and twists than expected, and it seems almost an impossible task to figure it out.

All those who are called by the police to the victim’s villa, have different reasons that could have prompted them to commit the murderand their stories are also well constructed and hilarious at the same time.

Benoit Blanc, aka Craig, is the inspector who has to solve the mystery, and as he gets to know the people around the deceased writer, he is increasingly amazed by the strangeness that revolves around this story.

We can’t tell you anything else, otherwise it would be spoilers, but the events follow one another at a rapid pace, involving the viewer in this bizarre world, where the victim is a very rich, and certainly particular, one of a kind writer.

Thanks to an unrepeatable direction, an impeccable cast, and a first-rate production crew, Dinner with crime proves to be a masterpiece among the mysteries of recent times.

For this reason, if you want to spend two light but interesting hours, this is the perfect choice to give yourself a moment all to yourself.

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