On Nutritionist Day, learn about the vital role of these professionals in state pharmacies

This Thursday (31st) is Nutritionist Day, a day to honor professionals who work in the prevention, promotion and restoration of human health, and who plan, implement and evaluate actions based on their knowledge of nutrition and food science. . On this day, the Ministry of Health (Sesa) emphasized the important presence of these professionals in the State Drug Aid and Administration (Geaf) and state pharmacies that have been providing enteral nutrition to adults and children for over 15 years. did. use.

The work of a nutritionist within the department of Sidadas Pharmacy includes providing better service to users, clarifying questions and reinforcing the importance of proper dosing of products so that patients can achieve their expected results. It includes a series of activities aimed at process.

“Nutritionists are essential professionals for pharmacies. Both administratively and on the front-end customer service side, we are able to provide better quality service to our users, along with our commitment to ensuring comprehensive care.” said Maria José Sartorio, Director of the Regional Pharmaceutical Support Department.

In the first seven months of 2023, 14 Cidadas pharmacies in Espirito Santo received about 17,000 consultations regarding the discontinuation of nutritional formula. In 2022, he will have 28,000 services delivered throughout the year.

Giuliana Rizzo, Nutritionist at Pharmaceutical Assistance Management, emphasizes that pharmacy services and pharmaceutical services are by appointment and offer countless benefits to pharmacy users. “The benefits range from guidance on how to dilute and use formulas, to answering questions about nutrition formula documentation requirements and citizen pharmacy flows, in addition to understanding process insights,” emphasized the expert. Did.

“The powdered formulas dispensed by Sidadas Pharmacy are available to people who have medical conditions that prevent them from taking orally and who need a tube to provide the nutrients they need to maintain and restore their nutritional status,” said Giaf nutritionist Giuliana Rizzo. explained. Experts point out that there are also special infant formulas for children diagnosed with an allergy to cow’s milk proteins who, for one reason or another, cannot breastfeed.

For Vanessa da Silva Constantia, nutritionist, one of the attractions of the profession is the joy of accompanying the recovery of the clients she helps daily at the Pharmacia Cidada Estadual de Vitoria. “Being able to have direct contact with patients and contribute nutritionally to patient recovery demonstrates the fundamental importance of guidance and agility in formulating nutritional supplements,” she said. I’m here.

How to access the nutrition facts table

To request nutritional supplements dispensed by any of the 14 state pharmacies, users must first initiate the process. This procedure can be done online or in person at one of the pharmacies closest to your home.

To access the online process initiation, users simply need to register on the state government’s Citizen Access Portal. This link is also on the State Citizen Pharmacy website and can be accessed here https://acessocidadao.es.gov.br/Conta/Entrar?ReturnUrl=%2f

The state has standardized nutritional formulas for individuals who are enterally fed (using a tube) and for children aged 0-24 months who have been diagnosed with a cow’s milk protein allergy. After the process begins, the paperwork will be evaluated by her Sesa/Geaf reference dietitian according to standards set by state ordinances, within a maximum of 30 days.

Standardized formulas are set out in state protocol, and their supply is subject to meeting the standards set forth in Ordinance 098-R of May 13, 2021.

Guidance on various request documents and criteria can be found at https://farmaciacidada.es.gov.br/dietas-e-formulas-nutricionais.

circuratus project

The Secretary of Health (Sesa) provides all 14 State Pharmacy facilities with nutritional formulas to treat patients. Most dispensed infant formula comes in cans, and with sustainability in mind, the Department of Pharmaceutical Support Management has since 2017 promoted the Circulatas project, which aims to promote care through the correct disposal of aluminum cans. I’m here.

This project arose from the need for Geaf a and Sesa to adopt a strategy that is in line with the principles and objectives of the National Solid Waste Policy (Law No. 12,305 of 2 August 2010). Returned cans will be sent to the Espirito Santo Recyclable Materials Collectors Association.

From 2021, the project is regulated by Ordinance No. 098-R. By ordinance, one of the user’s obligations is to return the empty container when discontinuing a new meal. In addition, depending on the period, we are instructed that the monthly quantity received should be equivalent to the quantity of empty containers at the time of delivery.

“Users who meet the criteria for nutritional supplement delivery receive a container at the reference pharmacy and begin treatment. To dispense a new meal, the previously used can must be returned. Prescriber and country safety will be enhanced regarding the proper use of formulated formulations, the likelihood of shortages and product wastage will be reduced, support and programs will be improved, and public resources will be ensured for proper use,” said the pharmaceutical sector. manager explains. Assistant, Maria José Sartorio.

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