On Steam Deck, you only play what’s on your computer

On Steam Deck, you only play what's on your computer

Steam Deck will not receive any exclusive games. This has been confirmed that Valve.

If you were counting on exclusive games on Steam Deck, you may be disappointed. The premiere of the device is slowly approaching, which – by the way – has been delayed by 2 months due to problems with components. The closer to the debut, the more information Valve reveals. One is about exclusive games.

Steam Deck without exclusive games

Valve has revealed that Steam Deck will not get any exclusive games. The company is convinced that it does not make any sense, because in fact it is a computer and PC games should run on it. In such a case, creating an exclusive production would not only make no sense, which would be impossible or at least very difficult.

What else did we learn about Steam Deck? First of all, the integrated graphics chip will have access to a maximum of 8 out of 16 GB of available memory. Usage depends on the game in question. In addition to this, the default mode for all games will be full screen, but if someone needs it, the device will also support games in the window.

Coming back to the topic of games for a moment, remember that initially Steam Deck will not support many Steam titles. This is due to the limitations of Proton. At the moment, the list of unsupported productions includes Fall Guys, PUBG and Apex Legeneds.

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