on the track and on TV

Listens on August 16, 2022 in prime time double victory for Marcell Jacobs both on the track at the European Athletics Championships and on TV with the best listening in prime time on Rai2: an average of 1,654,000 spectators equal to 12.5% ​​share. On Rai1 the film Love, weddings and other disasters with Maggie Grace, Jeremy Irons, Diane Keaton 1,457,000 (11.2%). On Canale 5 the replica of Journey into the Great Beauty 1,309,000 (10.5%). On Rete4 Countercurrent prime time 804,000 (6.4%). On Rai3 There is Time, the film by Walter Veltroni, 791,000 (6.1%). On Italia 1 the Champions League match Rangers-Psv Eindhoven 568,000 (4.2%). On La7, the film Bello, Honest Emigrato Australia would marry 364,000 (2.8%) fellow villager. On Tv8 the film Api Assassins 321,000 (2.5%). On the Nine the film A Boyfriend for my Wife 295,000 (2.3%).

In the Access Prime Time range on Rai1 Techetechetè 2,932,000 (20.2%). On Canale 5 Paperissima Sprint 2,062,000 (14.2%). On Rete4 Countercurrent 774,000 (5.4%) and 958,000 (6.6%). On Rai2 Tg2 Post with guest Matteo Renzi 866,000 (5.9%). On Rai3 Viaggio in Italia 624,000 (4.4%) and Il Santone 653,000 (4.5%). On Italia1 NCIS 551,000 (4%). On La7 Uozzap! Comic 438,000 (3%). On Tv8 4 Hotels 392,000 (2.7%). On the Nine Deal With It You’re in the Game 332,000 (2.3%).

In the Pre-evening on Rai1 Reaction to Chain 3,129,000 (26.8%). On Canale 5 the replica of Avanti un Altro! 1,570,000 (13.9%). On Rai2 – from 17.57 to 20.17 – the European Swimming Championships 1,113,000 (10.7%). On Rai3 news of the Tgr 1,702,000 (13.8%).

Last updated: Wednesday 17 August 2022, 11:26


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