On Tuesday, diesel, gasoline and LPG will have reduced excise duties! When will refueling be cheaper?

Diesel, gasoline and LPG will have a reduced excise duty, and thus their price at the stations will be lower. Appropriate steps will be taken to this end on Tuesday. Sejm on the meeting will deal with changes to excise duty and retail sales tax. This is the implementation of the anti-inflationary package, as recently discussed by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Lower price for diesel, gasoline and LPG

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Information appeared on the government websites in the context of the government’s legislative work. In the context of the change in excise duty rates, it was written that they should limit the growth of fuel prices, and thus contribute to price stabilization also in other areas of the economy, including food prices. In short, inflation should be reduced at least temporarily.

The bill itself assumes that diesel, petrol and LPG will be exempt from excise duty. The draft also provides for the introduction of an exemption from taxation with tax on retail sales of fuels in the period from January 1 to May 31, 2022. It is about excluding motor gasolines, diesel oils, biocomponents constituting self-contained fuels and gases intended for driving internal combustion engines.

The government, having a majority, should pass the bill on Tuesday, and this one is to be implemented as soon as possible. Mateusz Morawiecki announced that on December 20 we should see lower prices at petrol stations. Diesel, gasoline and LPG should be cheaper by about PLN 0.20 per liter.

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Even cheaper from January 1?

The government really wanted fuel prices to be lower before Christmas. This is the period when citizens travel a lot, and therefore fill their tanks with larger amounts of fuel. The change will make family trips slightly cheaper, but always extra money in your pocket.

Analysts’ calculations show that during the entire period of the “government promotion”, the driver will save about PLN 100-150. This means that for almost half a year of driving we will be able to afford “free half a tank of fuel”. Of course, a lot also depends on how much will change on the world market when it comes to the price per barrel of oil or exchange rates.

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