one dead, nine injured-

New accident for a car engaged in a test with five people on board: a BMW iX caused a terrible carom with other cars. To verify what happened, but once again doubts arise about the system

A tragedy for those who were victims of the accident, but also a bad sign for those who argue that autonomous driving is the best solution for safe traffic: the German police said that one person died and nine were seriously injured after a car engaged in an autonomous driving test suddenly changed direction triggering a series of collisions involving four vehicles. success near Reutlingen (in Baden-Wrttemberg): oneBMW iX – the electric flagship of the House– with five people on board, including a child, exiting his lane along a curve, touching an oncoming Citron. The iX hit a Mercedes-Benz van head-on, killing one passenger of that vehicle, a 33-year-old man. Meanwhile, the 70-year-old Citron driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into another vehicle carrying two people, pushing it off the road and causing a fire.

What did the driver do?

Reutlingen police spokesman Michael Schaal said four helicopters were involved in the operation relief and that the wounded were taken to several hospitals in the region. These included the 43-year-old BMW driver, three adults aged 31, 42 and 47 and an 18-month-old child who were all in the test vehicle. From this point of view, the iX proved to be very safe for the occupants. What happened all to be verified, starting with the behavior of the driver which could have intervened when he noticed the defect of the car or vice versa he did nothing. BMW has taken time and, for now, has not made any comments. In early August, Germany has granted Mercedes level 3 autonomous driving approval and, although currently only on German roads, the technology will soon spread to other EU countries as well. But on the subject, the European road safety council (ETSC) has raised a significant issue: in Europe there is no third-party institutional body that carries out the surveillance functions as does the national safety agency in the United States (NHTSA).

The investigation into autonomous driving

evident that you have to go with lead feet. There autonomous driving of level 5, without driver, in the middle of the tests which continue in various countries. Nothing or little is said until a stirring event occurs. The fatal accident involving an Uber car in testing (an event that prompted the company to sell the research division) the prime example. An American research in 2021 investigated the number of accidents in evidence in California, starting from the Department of Transportation website and finding that in many cases, the problem linked to human error. Of the 166 traffic accidents that occurred, 83 were recorded during an incorrect control of the controls by someone sitting in front of the steering wheel but only 2 of these were caused by a software error. While the rest (81 accidents) are to be attributed to driver error it means accidents caused by other cars or careless pedestrians.

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