One hundred fossilized dinosaur skeletons ready to “invade” Padua: the great exhibition

Dinosaurs as we have never known or experienced them: protagonists of a very comprehensive educational journey from our imagination back to prehistoric eras. All on the theme of a suggestive scientific exhibition in world preview, with over 100 authentic paleontological finds, including very rare whole skeletons, coming from all over the planet. This is the promise that will be kept with a 2-hour visit to the first stop in Italy of the exhibition for families and school groups, “Lost Hangar, dinosaurs revealed”, which from November 2022 will be set up on over 5000 square meters of exhibition space in Pavilion 1 of the Padua Fair.


The term “dinosaur” was coined in 1842 by the English paleontologist Richard Owen, starting from the etymology composed of the Greek words: “deinòs”, ‘terrible, monstrous’, and “sàuros”, which means ‘lizard’. The definition, very useful for attracting great scientific interest towards these giants of the past for almost two centuries, also led public opinion to give them a series of clichés and prejudices that Venice Exhibition will dispel with the colossal set-up, fueling the enthusiasm of many children. who, thanks to this exhibition, will want to be paleontologists when they grow up. “Contrary to the collective imagination that paints dinosaurs as violent and voracious monsters – explains the curator Ilario de Biase – their behavior, confirmed by the most recent scientific studies, was instead more similar to current mammals: they looked for food and water, they aimed to reproduce and protect each other, taking care of their fellow men in case of diseases and parasites. For these reasons, the exhibition ‘Lost Hangar, dinosaurs revealed’ will change the visitor’s image of these ‘terrible lizards’ thanks to a superb and unprecedented collection of original dinosaur fossils gathered together for the first time, visually supported by animated reconstructions, Animatronics in 1: 1 scale, so realistic for details and movements, to be used in film shooting ». A part of pavilion 1 of the Padua Fair will also be dedicated to the fossilization process analyzed with palaeontological excavation techniques thanks to the presence of a large sandpit. Still from an educational point of view, the exhibition will also make extensive use of virtual and augmented reality to make some contents immersive, especially referring to the various stages of development of the life of these great animals of the remote terrestrial past.

“Lost Hangar”

“Lost Hangar, dinosaurs revealed” was designed for a target group of families and children of all ages, but it will be of interest to a much wider audience at an educational-scientific level, including school groups of all levels, placing itself among the richer and more complex exhibition and virtual reality experiences in recent years. “The direct contact with the physicality of the dinosaurs also thanks to ramps that will allow visitors to literally look at the world from their point of view” adds de Biase “represents the simplest and most immediate way to deepen the characteristics of the ancient fauna of our planet. . It will not be the usual exhibition on this theme, but a rigorous scientific project that will make us understand in an unprecedented way the biological and evolutionary peculiarities of dinosaurs. The exhibition itinerary will cross all the periods, from the Triassic to the Jurassic to the Cretaceous, the most represented and the one that is the background to the feathered revolution of which today we still know the direct descendants. The epilogue will start from the analysis of the most accredited hypotheses on the mass extinction of dinosaurs, including the most accredited one of the asteroid collision, marking the transition from the Mesozoic era, the era of the dinosaurs, to that of the Cenozoic, the era of mammals, to stimulate current reflections in visitors on the possible risks of extinction of the human race “.

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