One life, advances March 12: will MIGUEL think of DANIELA?

After catching Soledad rummaging through Marcos’ papers, Anabel intends to tell her father everything, but Lopez convinces her not to; later, once alone in the house, Soledad opens the cabinet and finds the report confirming that Felicia has been poisoned. Meanwhile, the arrival of Ignacio makes Bellita and Alodia happy (the latter has an obvious crush on him), but Josè Miguel does not seem at all happy to have something to do with the new guest.

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Miguel treats Anabel very coldly and instead seems very taken by Daniela, the new waitress of the restaurant. Indalecia understands through her Servante that Jacinto is attracted to her and seems flattered (even if surprised). Lolita tells Antonito that if she leaves for Morocco, she will never see her and Moncho again. Antonito – after trying for a moment to oppose him – reveals to Ramon that he has decided not to leave and to leave his political career altogether.

Shaken by the discovery that Felicia died of poisoning, Marcos promises revenge. Antonito, terrified by the plane, is happy not to leave for Morocco anymore, but Lolita decides to let him go. Ignacio, who is very gallant, also conquers Rosina and Susana and tries to ingratiate himself with Josè Miguel by giving him Cuban cigars. When Miguel confesses that he cannot forget Anabel, Antonito points out Daniela’s presence. Natalia tries to convince Anabel to open her heart to Aurelio.

Indalecia’s advances to Jacinto are increasingly clear. Discovering that it was Servante di lei who routed her, the concierge asks him to put things right. Marcos takes her Soledad away from her home by sending her to buy some lady’s clothes to welcome Mendez, to whom he has decided to entrust the investigation into Felicia’s fatal poisoning.

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