‘One more botox and you become a doppelganger’ says follower

Vyni, former participant of “BBB 22”, is among the most talked about topics on social networks this Wednesday, 11, and in the midst of an unusual comparison. Upon seeing a photo of the Ceará native in front of a microphone, netizens thought he looked like rapper Drake. Some even joked that it’s the aesthetic procedures done by the ex BBB that are making him just like the singer.

Photo of Vyni in the studio goes viral Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

There were those who joked that the photo was actually Drake’s own promotion to release a new album. “I really can’t tell if he’s Vyni or Drake,” exaggerated one netizen. “We already know that with some botox injections Vyni becomes Drake’s doppelganger,” joked another follower.

Follower print on networks
Print of a follower on the networks Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

And you, did you find it similar?

On the left ex BBB Vyni and on the right the rapper Drake
On the left, ex BBB Vyni and on the right, rapper Drake Photo: Playback/Instagram

The latest changes to Vyni’s look are responsible for the comparisons made by fans. The former BBB has already denied having done facial harmonization and explained on Instagram what procedures he performed.

Follower print on networks
Print of a follower on the networks Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

“People say I did harmonization, but I didn’t. I just put a little preventive Botox on my forehead and fixed my teeth. The smile has changed and maybe that gives the impression that I made a pairing, but I didn’t. It already makes a difference,” said the influencer.

In addition to the comparisons with Drake, the last photos posted by the law graduate generated rumors that he would be investing in a new musical career (it is worth remembering that, on “BBB 22”, he won praise for some singing performances). Amused by the situation, Vyni denied that he would become a singer.

The studio close-ups are the result of the last few days, when the Ceará native met his friend Naiara Azevedo in Goiânia. The friendship that began during the program earned the singer a visit. Speculation on the networks was that they had recorded music together.

Vyni in studio in Goiânia
Vyni in studio in Goiânia Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

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