one of the two crashed as early as 1997

Who are the two pilots of the canadair crashed in Linguaglossa, on the slopes of Etna. Both had been the protagonists of news stories

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They were found some human remains which would belong to the corpses of the two pilots of the canadair crashed on Etna yesterday during the extinguishing of a fire. The news, reports Ansa, was confirmed by both the Catania prosecutor’s office and the fire brigade.

Canadair crashed on Etna, human remains found

In the afternoon today, Friday 28 October, the teams engaged in the search for two pilots of the canadair crashed in Linguaglossain the Catania area, they found human remains in correspondence with the impact area of ​​the aircraft.

The news, given by the fire brigade, was confirmed by the Catania prosecutor who investigates the incident. The remains were found in the area of Mount Calcineraon the slopes of Etna, where the canadair crashed on Thursday 27 October. Also found the black box of the plane, essential to try to understand what happened.

Canadair crashed, who are the two pilots who died in the crash

The two victims of the accident are Matteo Pozzoli58 years old from Erba (Como), who was the commander of Canadair 28, and the first officer Roberto Mazzone62 years old from Salerno.

Mazzone leaves his wife and two children aged 18 and 22, while Pozzoli, son of the former mayor of Erba Filippo Pozzoli, had no children.

Canadair crashed on Etna, found the remains of missing pilots: one of the two crashed as early as 1997

Both pilots protagonists of news events

Both experienced pilots, both Matteo Pozzoli and Roberto Mazzone had been protagonists years ago of news stories related to flight, of very different nature and outcomes: one had made a heroic emergency landing, the other had been found guilty of a crash that cost his second his life.

Mazzone was the protagonist of a emergency landing which took place on December 12, 2003 on seafront of Salerno. That time the little Cessna 150 he was piloting suffered a engine failure and the propeller stopped: with the airport too far away, Mazzone decided to land on the beach.

Matteo Pozzoli escaped death on August 8, 1997, as a pilot of the Air Force, after being precipitate with a SIAI 208 M on the mount Lupone, in the province of Latina. In the tragedy Captain Maurizio Poggiali lost his life.

Pozzoli was held responsible for the tragedy and came sentenced to one year and six months for manslaughter and plane crash.

The prosecutor’s investigations

The Catania prosecutor’s office is investigating the incident moving on two fronts. The first concerns the causes of the plane crash: it is to be understood whether the canadair crashed due to a maneuvering error or due to flight or structural problems.

The second section, on the other hand, concerns thefire on Mount Calcinera for which the aircraft had been called to intervene: it is necessary to ascertain whether it was hanged and therefore it was malicious. The crimes hypothesized for the moment are culpable aviation disaster And fire.

The prosecutor will shortly confer the tasks for the autopsy on the remains of the two pilots and for the technical analysis of the black box.


Photo source: ANSA

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