One Piece, Daryl Dixon, American Horror Story… our recap of the week

Hello, avid reader! So yes, it’s true… barbie – And oppenheimer , are in the room. But that doesn’t mean all cultural news has to stop! Hercule Poirot, Daryl Dixon, American Horror Story…and yes, the grass can sometimes be greener than the neighbor’s. We uncover everything for you!

to the cinema,

  • After the first two films of the saga Hercule Poirot, the explorer is back for a third adventure. Afterwards crime of the orient express And death on the nileKenneth Branagh hints at his return mystery in venice And most of all…be prepared for supernatural…and terrifying visions!
  • Netflix has released the trailer for its new animated film. monkey king, Which looks quite fun and cute. we remember recently nimonaOf pinocchio (by Guillermo del Toro), intergalactic Or michelle vs machines… In short, the platform has already proven itself time and again to be the very best animation cinema wonder. So, businesses worth following…

to the chain,

  • while broadcast The Walking Dead: Dead City start, series Daryl Dixon revealed in the first trailer. The spin-off takes place in a devastated France with the artistic direction of that period, almost medieval, visceral and mysterious… The opportunity to discover a land full of the living dead and the most beautiful survivors that ever existed in the world (That’s Norman “Daryl Dixon” Reedus, in case you didn’t catch it.),
  • Netflix has finally unveiled the first images from the live action series one piece , Partially produced by the creator of the original work. The first reactions are also pretty good and fans seem convinced! We will have to wait till July 31 to find the series on the platform.

music side,

  • ten years after Scream & Shoutbritney spears and you’re back, bitch, Mind your own business This is the new single from the iconic duo of 2013. this is the second track Bribe Since his guardianship was removed. Indeed, less than a year earlier, he had collaborated with Elton John hold me close, Good vibes and pop, get ready to rock the whole summer!
  • Tony Bennett Died on Friday at the age of 96. He leaves behind a music career spanning over 70 years. Lately, we miss their collaboration Lady Gaga But cheek to cheek,

As far as video games go,

  • Miracle unveiled story trailer Of spider man 2 , New York City is under threat from the symbiote and Kraven the Hunter arrives in the city in search of new prey. Our heroes must rescue civilians and their loved ones from the darkness while attempting to solve problems in their personal lives. And frankly, it sends up pat.
  • The Room VR: A Dark Matter a new game is coming for playstation vr2 On July 27, 2023. In 1908 London, the disappearance of a distinguished Egyptologist prompts a police investigation into the unknown. Explore mysterious locations, investigate fanciful gadgets, and discover a supernatural element that blurs the line between reality and illusion…

literature side,

  • ryan murphy is back with the first teaser of chapter 12 of American Horror Story, titled Nazuk. The cast will notably include Emma Roberts, Zachary Quinto, Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne. This new season will be based on the novel by Daniel Valentine -Delicate situation- which tells the story of a young woman who was convinced of a supernatural force preventing her from having a child, reminiscent of Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby.
  • Ash, the cult hero of the saga evil dead Will be back in the comics, by Sam Raimi army of darkness: forever , Written by Tony Flicks and illustrated by Justin Greenwood, the story takes place in three different timelines. Army of Darkness: Forever #1 expected October 2023 ammo,

to the show,

  • this weekend was festival lollapalooza In Paris! The event featured Damso, Niska, Lindsey Stirling, Lil Nas X, Kygo, Aya Nakamura, OneRepublic, Ava Max and Rosalia, among others. An explosive event that ends tonight with a concert by Kendrick Lamar.
  • At his last concert in Detroit, Ed Sheeran took the title of loose yourself Of eminem, The audience is surprised to see the artist come on stage at Ford Field to sing. The moment obviously went viral on social media!

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