‘One Piece’ Sanji actor Taz Skylar hits back at criticism over accent in dubbing series

Most recently, the network exploded after the premiere of “One Piece” on Netflix. Streaming Anime and Manga by Eiichiro Oda. Criticism arose as a result of Chapter 5, which introduced the iconic characters of sanji the Spanish dubbing is canary accent which caused great surprise among fans.

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This time, actor Taz Skylar, who plays Sanji in the series, has responded to the critically acclaimed animated live-action adaptation of the show’s avid audience. The interpreter decided to do it through a simple post on Elon Musk’s application. thanks for the support of the fans After criticizing his accent in the dub, he said: During his childhood, no one heard him speak on TV., obviously something he would have liked. Schuyler hopes that this will spread to the audiovisual world, so that in the future we will be able to hear more diverse accents.

Interpreter for popular characters of Arab and British ancestry. Born in Tenerife in 1995, although his acting career developed mainly in England. This mix allowed him to speak both English and Spanish perfectly, which led to him dubbing his character in Spanish himself, a decision that divided viewers. This amazing bilingualism is caused a great deal of controversy His character has a pronounced Canarian accent, which makes this an unusual situation in the network’s usually very neutral Spanish dubbing. While some defend this accent, other internet users think it is out of harmony with other characters’ accents.

The reaction to Schuyler’s tweet didn’t take long to echo in those who approve of the streaming platform’s decision to dub the canary. They showed their support for the actor.after it sparked controversy throughout the weekend after its premiere.

His Career Outside of Sanji

Prior to her global launch with One Piece, Skylar kicked off her career in 2018 with the short film Neon, where she is also a screenwriter. This was followed by projects such as ‘Agatha Raisin’ and ‘The Lazarus Project’, both of which were released in 2022. You’ll soon see him on “Gassed Up” and “Boiling Point.”the latter based on the film of the same name, which will be released in 2021 and also has the actor.

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