‘One Upon A Time… “Babylon” by Damien Chazelle

Los Angeles, 02 January 2023 – Hollywood has always inspired stories of all kinds. One of the latest, Tarantino told it with “Once Upon A Time in ….. Hollywood ‘ starring Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie.

The latest is by Damien Chazelle, rose to prominence with Whiplash (2014) and the unforgettable “La La Land” which consecrated him as the youngest director awarded by the Academy Award.

Chazelle presents 1920s Hollywood in his film “Babylon” by re-casting both Brad Pitt as Jack Conrad, a silent film star set to divorce for the third time as the film industry changes with the arrival of sound and Margot Robbie, who plays Nellie LaRoy, a star on the rise.

The film has already been nominated in the list of the next Golden Globe although he has received some negative criticisms but the director cannot be denied, his ability to perfection in the difficulty of shooting respectable scenes.

Obviously Damien Chazelle offers his own vision of the time and of the film industrya with its flaws underlined by the title. One may not agree with his point of view but it is clear how the characters are interpreted and directed to recreate the atmosphere of a contradictory era and the pressing needs of each such as Manny Torres (Diego Calva) Sidney (Jovan Adepo ) Lady Fay Zhu (Li Jun Li), Elinor St. John (Jean Smart).

It should be emphasized that in particular no other actress could have played the part of Robbie in the film.
“Babylon” is positive in the script, music, well shot, excellent lighting, so Chazelle presented his story of a Hollywood to see and will certainly collect, in addition to nominations, awards.

Babylon, Italian Trailer

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