One year after the attack on the Capitol. Surprising Opinions About Democracy in the US

A year after Donald Trump’s supporters attacked the Capitol, 725 people have heard charges and 71 have received convictions. One of the largest investigations in history has yet to answer key questions about planning and the main ones responsible for the riots. The events of 6 January last year did not lead to any great political reshuffles.

To this day, I remember the fear that I felt then in the Capitol building. We sat locked in the room and listened to the sounds of the crowd. Nobody knew what would happen next – neither the Democrats nor the Republicans

– one of the Democratic Congressman’s assistants recalls in an interview with PAP the events of January 6 last year.

When it was over, I was hoping that there would be a sobering up and a normalization of our policy. Today you can see that I was naive – he adds.

One year after one of the most dramatic events in US history, similar voices of disappointment and concern about the future are rife and political polarization has not subsided. According to a poll published by CBS television, 66 percent Americans believe that US democracy is under threatand 68% that January 6 was only a harbinger of further political violence.

Although the majority (83%) have a negative opinion of the rioters, the assessment of what happened then is definitely different depending on the party sympathies. As much as 41 percent. Republican voters believe “left-wing groups” have raided the Capitol, and 50 percent. – that “atypical” Trump supporters. At the same time, 56 percent. Republicans described the riots as “defense of freedom”, and 47 percent of the – an act of patriotism. According to another poll, published by ABC television, more than half of the voters of the right believe that the rioters “defended democracy”.

Chaos in the USA. Trump supporters stormed the Capitol

On Thursday, there will be a celebration of this event. Although the events of January 6 have not yet been repeated, the temperature of the dispute did not diminish. According to Attorney General Merrick Garland, congressmen received over 9.6 threatening calls this year. Workers at polling stations have also had to deal with hundreds of threats and cases of harassment.

The events of January 6 did not significantly harm Donald Trumpwho is still the undisputed Republican leader. According to the ABC television survey, as many as 71 percent. party voters also believe his claim that he was the legitimate winner of the 2020 elections. Politicians such as Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell – who strongly condemned and recognized the victory of the Biden Democrat – have much worse ratings. Some congressmen who voted in favor of Trump’s impeachment on January 6 have announced they will withdraw from politics.

The crowd stormed the Capitol. “We all knew these people would come, it’s hard to understand why they weren’t prepared”

Despite an investigation that has been going on for a year, still some key questions remain unansweredincluding to what extent the attack on the Capitol was planned. So far 725 people were charged, 144 pleaded guilty, and 71 people heard the sentence. However, most of them were “rank-and-file” rioters, punished mainly for trespassing into the Congress building.

30 people received a prison sentence, most of which received up to 3 months’ imprisonment. So far, the court has sentenced Robert Palmer to the longest sentence, more than 5 years in prison, who confessed to assaulting police officers using a flagpole and a fire extinguisher. One of the most recognizable rioters, wearing a fur hat with horns, “QAnon shaman” Jacob Chansley, received a 3.5-year sentence.

Approximately 225 people with charges of assaulting police officers can count on similar severe penalties. 275 people accused of disrupting official procedures, i.e. the process of the official counting of electoral votes, may also be imprisoned.

According to the estimates of the prosecutor’s office, the final number of people with allegations in a relationship may exceed one thousand.

Washington riots: Four people died, two bombs found

Presenting these statistics on Wednesday, Attorney General Merrick Garland said that the investigation will last “as long as necessary”. He also did not rule out that the charges would also be charged to those involved in planning the attack on the Capitol.

The Department of Justice remains committed to bringing to justice all perpetrators on January 6, at every level – whether they were there that day or otherwise held criminally responsible for the attack on democracy. We will follow the facts wherever they lead us

Garland announced.

That Trump supporters stormed the Capitol to interrupt approval of the election results it was at least to some extent planned, indicate the evidence so far disclosed by the House of Representatives’ inquiry committee.

On Tuesday alone, the commission unveiled the texts of Fox News columnist Sean Hannity – believed to be the president’s informal adviser – who told the White House chief of staff the day before the riots that he was “very concerned about the next 48 hours“The commission called on the journalist to explain this and other news exchanged with the White House before January 6th.

Earlier, it was revealed, inter alia, A multi-point plan by Trump attorney John Eastman on how to reverse the election result. The plan, however, did not envisage forcefully disrupting the deliberations of Congress.

Assault on the Capitol. The cause of death for five victims was given

The criminal liability of the former president himself remains an open issue. The possibility of bringing charges was indicated, inter alia, by deputy head of the commission Liz Cheney, which implied that Trump was neglecting his duties, for three hours delaying responding to the assault of their supporters, despite the desperate behind-the-scenes pleas from Republican congressmen and their supporters in the media.

According to an announcement by the White House, US President Joe Biden is to say about Trump’s role and the threat he poses to democracy in his anniversary speech Thursday morning, local time. However, Politico notes that the January 6 celebrations will be almost entirely dominated by Democrats after all. Many right-wing politicians will go to the funeral of former Senator Johnny Isakson, which is held on the same day in Atlanta.

Capitol riots. We know who the woman shot during the assault is

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