Onion and cabbage seeds stolen from Santo Spiritus: five provinces affected

The theft of 5.75 quintals of onion seeds and another 18 kilograms of cabbage seeds affected five Cuban provinces. The theft took place last August at the Frigorífico 800 warehouse in Sancti Spíritus. According to Sancti Spiritus newspaper Escambray, the eight people involved are awaiting trial and, if proven guilty, will be deprived of their liberty for seven to 15 years.

The newspaper’s own article noted that “their social behavior was bad and prone to committing criminal acts. Two of them had a history of violent robbery. “The other two were refrigerator custodians. ”

modus operandi

Those arrested and charged explained to police how they stole the seeds from the site. On August 28, six men entered the entity and cut through the fence with a saw.

They then entered cold storage room No. 9 and violated the security of the vault where onion seeds and other quality vegetables are stored for use during the current cold season.

“They relied on the expertise of two former employees of the entity who served as criminal directors,” the newspaper reported.

Police confirmed that the biggest offense was theft of items belonging to people. Currently, the six thieves are still being held in a makeshift prison and security personnel have been granted bail.

Orestes Ramírez, Director of Semillas Sancti Spíritus Basic Business Unit (UEB), delivered a keynote speech.

“We do feel greatly impacted, and I’m not just talking about the monetary value, but the fact that the producers don’t have the seeds and ultimately it’s the people who bear the consequences.”

“Given the well-known restrictions, it is not possible to import seeds for growing onions this year. Domestic Caribe 71 will be used,” the executive explained.

Regarding the seeds, which were reserved for the provinces of Pinar del Río, Mayabéco, Granma, Camagüey and Ciego de Ávila, police reported that 5.34 quintals of onions and 26 packets of cabbage were seized.

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