Online Premiere: Review of ‘Sweet and Bloody 16’ (‘Totally Killer’) by Nahnachka Khan (Amazon Prime Video)

Online Premiere: Review of “Sweet and Bloody 16” (“Totally Killer”) by Nahnachka Khan (Amazon Prime Video)

Combining the “slasher” genre with time travel, this comedy sees a young girl transported to 1987 in an attempt to evade the actions of a serial killer. Amazon Prime Video will premiere on October 6th.

All known combinations that give unexpected twists to already used ideas and mix genres slasher movie (halloween screamsome etc) along with the time travel stuff back to the future I don’t think it has been used until now.still not enough to make it totally a murderer It may not be original or new, but it’s a relatively entertaining exercise in a search that focuses more on comedy than terrorism.

The main character is Jamie (Kiernan Shipka, Don Draper’s daughter). mad men And the main character Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), a 16-year-old girl who lives in a town famous for its spooky happenings. In 1987, a masked serial killer murdered his three teenagers on Halloween night. This event made the small city a very popular destination for the day, with almost everyone disguised using the killer’s mask, and tours of the places where the killer murdered the girls. Ta.

For Jamie’s mother, Pam (Julie Bowen), the crime was very real, as the murdered were her friends from school. Since then, she has been preparing for the culprit’s return, something she has passed on to her daughter. And the feared thing finally happens. On Halloween 2022, the masked killer will return (or maybe there’s another killer under the same mask). And despite all the caution and training, he does his act again.

In parallel, Jamie’s best friend Amelia (Kelsey Mawema) tries to invent a time travel machine in one of her instant photo booths, but can’t get it to work. Chased by a murderer, Jamie manages to get on board with him, but most of all by chance, he ends up in a time before the 1987 serial murders.

When his warnings to the police go unheeded, Jamie ends up trying to stop the killer on his own, à la Marty McFly, only to discover just how different things were back then. He is also caught up in the beginning of his relationship with the people who will become his parents and, of course, needs to ensure that he can return to the present. With the technology of the time, it doesn’t seem that simple.

A comedy about changing times (Jamie is surprised at how “politically incorrect” the ’80s were, exaggerated here) and that despite attempts to alter events, the killer It’s a combination of scary moments of showing up and actually being carried out. About him. The film takes everything very lightly, and in that sense it also pays homage to the genre in its tone. in her 80’sThe screenplay by David Matalon, Sasha Pearl-Laver, and Jen DiAngelo incorporates cinephile and cultural elements that take advantage of the different eras.

Sweet and Bloody 16 It exceeds expectations, with predictable dramatic developments and the humor of the changing times that everyone imagines (fashion, cigarettes, racist and misogynistic remarks, Jamie’s surprising sexual freedom, etc.) Almost none. A rather trivial mystery of who is behind the mask and what (or was) the reason for his triple murder.

It’s a smaller, lighter film, directed by Shipka, whose comic timing is very good. Please be my baby anytime and the creator of the series fresh off the boat There are some funny gags, soundtrack Pop classics of the time and slightly retro teen comedy tone. The concept of time travel and everything that comes with it is handled in such an absurd way that by not taking itself too seriously, the film regains what it loses in tension and suspense. The fear takes a backseat and all that’s left is a series of brilliant ideas in search of a better movie to contain it.

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