only a few days left to discover this huge critical failure of Dwayne Johnson

In a few days, this film worn by Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron will leave Netflix. Released in 2017 in dark rooms, this feature film was depreciated by critics…

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Viewers certainly haven’t forgotten series Baywatch (in French). This successful show, in the 1990s, illuminated the daily life of its fans. Its credits, in particular, have become cult, thanks to the red jerseys of the heroes. Among the actors: Pamela Anderson, whose popularity has never been denied. Very quickly, the aficionados had demanded a transposition of the intrigues on the big screen. Their wish has been granted sincein 2017 they were able to find Baywatch – Baywatch in dark rooms. New actors have joined this feature film. This is the case of Dwayne Johnsonwho lent his features to the character of Mitch Buchannon, formerly played by David Hasselhoff. If you subscribe to Netflix and want to (re)discover it, know that the days are numbered: it will leave the streaming platform on Thursday, August 31. However, you should know that this film was considered a huge failure in the eyes of critics, who did not spare the actors…

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Baywatch – Baywatch : ‘A huge missed opportunity’

Thus, on the American site Rotten Tomatoes, the reviews of the press are unfavorable to say the least. Some of the comments observed include the following: “The plot is so lazy, that it’s almost disrespectful. The comedy is neither particularly funny nor well staged”, “It’s a huge missed opportunity, to the point where it ends up feeling cynical” or A level of incompetence rarely seen in modern cinema has been achieved.” On Allociné, the French critics are not more tender. Lots of abs, few brains. Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron can’t save the movie from drowning”had judged the specialist in Figaro. That of Worldfor its part, considered that “this attempt to monetize the 1990s series stands out(has) by the extreme poverty of its scenario and its staging”. And The Parisian to strike, mocking : “Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron are so bad they couldn’t even qualify for an acting award at a scallop festival.”

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Baywatch – Baywatch : By the way, what is the plot?

Directed by Seth Gordon, Baywatch: Alert in Malibu invites viewers to immerse themselves in the daily life of Lieutenant Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson), who prides himself on being the most effective and popular lifeguard on California’s Emerald Bay beach (Malibu). One day, while new members are recruited by his team, he will meet the sporty and arrogant Matt Brody (carried by Zac Efron), straight from Iowa…

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