Only Christina Aguilera could wear a purse as a skirt

Christina Aguilera—otherwise known as Xtina—is no stranger to bold fashion. The singer has worn leather chaps during her “Dirrty” era, extra-tight corsets in the Lady Marmelade music video, and Old Hollywood gowns for her Back to Basics round. She’s done it all! But for her latest style serve, Aguilera is doing something she’s never quite done before: Wearing a purse as a skirt. And she somehow pulls it off, too.

Christina Aguilera wears a purse as a skirt

On her Instagram page, Aguilera posted the look in question: A pink, crystal-covered mini skirt from the Berlin brand namilia that’s shaped into the style of a bag. Sure, it’s not technically a purse—but it does feature the top-handle straps and pockets, no less.

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The skirt is from the label’s recent spring 2024 collection, which also featured a pink Birkin-style corset. Aguilera forwent it, and instead styled the avant-garde bottom with a simple black tee. Her PVC heels and black shades made the whole look feel sleek and understated (well, as understated as a wearable handbag-skirt can be).

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