Only Murders in the Building 2: the review

The June 28less than a year after the debut of the series, will debut on Disney +simultaneously with the US release, the second season of Only Murders in the Building. The TV series dedicated to true crime podcasts is ready to offer a new and intriguing case that only the most unusual Disney + trio will be able to solve. Surely it will be very difficult to tell you about the new chapters of the series without revealing anything or almost the plot, I will try anyway since Only Murders in the Building 2 absolutely deserves to be seen.

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The review of Only Murders in the Building 2

Only Murders in the Building 2 opens at the exact point where the last chapter of the debut season ended: the extravagant trio composed by Mabel (Selena Gomez), Charles (Steve Martin) And Oliver (Martin Short) is promptly accused of the murder of the administrator of the Arconia, precisely it is Mabel who is the main suspect given that the victim’s body was found in her apartment. As we could have guessed right away our favorite true crime podcast fans got framed, someone wants to blame them for Bunny’s murder. Perhaps the new case is completely disconnected from the previous one or, as Mabel herself had theorized, some details have escaped the founders of Only Murders in the Building.

I leave the pleasure of discovery to you but it is important to know that in order to see the new season of the Disney + mystery you must have recently seen the chapters of the first season. The two seasons are deeply connected, if you don’t have the first season fresh in your memory, I recommend that you review it before approaching the new one. A rewatch never hurts and in this case, given the short duration of the episodes and their smoothness, it will be a real treat.

The new season of the series Hulu retains the comedy cut and the strong vintage 90s matrix that had characterized the previous season, at the same time it adds an important dramatic line (always managed with not excessively dark tones) and several insights into the past of the characters. If in the first season the series had focused on Mabel’s teenage life, in Only Murders in the Building 2 it is Oliver and in particular Charles who are put under the light of the cameras. We already knew about Charles’s past as a famous actor but they knew little about his private life, with the new season we will have the opportunity to learn more and more information about the private life of the Brazos actor.

In the new season, the group of detectives of various ages is more experienced, knows the consequences of their actions well and is not unprepared for difficulties. Mabel, Oliver and Charles will be hard to sidetrack and fool unless feelings and relationship complications stand in the way of resolving the case.

The trio of protagonists retains the protagonism even in the new season, no one is overshadowed by new entries, even if the new additions will make several spectators happy. Cara Delevingne it’s Alice, the nonconformist London artist who will help Mabel to revive her career and her reputation. A very interesting relationship will develop between the two, thanks to which the series will insert an important dose of representation and further new ideas missing before. Amy Schumer, another new addition to the cast of the series, played herself in the new chapters of the show. The comedian replaces Sting, literally as she moved into the apartment that was previously owned by the former Police singer. Schumer is not very present in the new episodes, she is a very secondary character but when she appears she is never in the background and gives the series the comic lines typical of her acting style.

For new characters coming in Only Murders in the Building 2 here are others who return. Maybe you thought you had abandoned some questionable subjects from Season 1 forever but you won’t. I will not tell you who but I assure you that many will be welcome, or not, refreshments in Only Murders in the Building 2.

The main fear that plagues fans of Only Murders in the Building is the disappointment that the new season could bring with it. The novelty effect is gone, Only Murders in the Building was among the revelation series of last season of television. Accompanied by a major marketing campaign, associated with Selena Gomez’s return to the small screen after some time and supported by the popularity of podcasts, Only Murders in the Building captivated streaming audiences last fall, earning several nominations in major ceremonies. The second season of the series, distributed by Hulu on American soil but on Disney + in our territory, it is among the most anticipated products of summer 2022, if not of the year. However, waiting can bring with it many expectations that in most cases are not met. I am happy to tell you that Only Murders in the Building 2 will not disappoint you! The new case, the new characters and the many new themes will satisfy the most demanding public. The case, in particular, is intriguing and will keep you glued to the screen. The weekly release of Disney + will make you suffer, you will feel the need to be able to immediately view the next episode, all the fault of the various cliffhangers that close each of the chapters.

Only Murders in the Building 2 it is a homecoming for the atmosphere and a further novelty for the story. The script itself plays over and over on the double soul of the series, get ready for inside jokes. If the style and the story continue like this Hulu could renew the series for several more seasons and I would watch them all without hesitation, indeed I would close others without ever getting tired.

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