Only Murders in the Building: Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne and other reasons to watch this series

A plot of this kind could only attract, in addition to the protagonists, a series of names of the highest level. In the first season, in fact, we see the cameos of actors of the caliber of Tina Feylegendary comedian of the Saturday Night Liveyou hate Nathan Lane, cult actor of Broadway musicals; at one point he even ended up on the list of suspects Sting, who plays himself, owner of the penthouse of this mega-condominium. In the episodes of the second season, the bar is raised with the participation of the lashing comedian Amy Schumer and of a legend like Shirley McLane, which confirms his acting greatness. But then there is also Cara Delevingnewho will develop a particular relationship with the character of Selena Gomez: “Selena and I used to make up together, it was all a chat, gossip, laugh and listen to music”, said the actress and model: “Even if they were tiring days acting and make comedy with one of your best friends… what can go wrong?”.

Indeed from the set of Only Murders in the Building an understanding that goes beyond pure professional collaboration shines through. There same familiarity it is transmitted to the spectators who find themselves faced with a story that can at times scare, amuse, intrigue and even move, but which ultimately reconciles with what are the most fundamental emotions. The accuracy of the jokes, even very sharp, the constant references to pop culture and the occasional reflection on the meaning of life make it a example of the most sought after and successful of what may be today’s prestigious seriality. Breaking the mold, but without making too much noise.

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