Only Murders in the Building, the second season is confirmed as a brilliant intrigue

The first season ended cyclically from where it started, but the second wastes no time: obviously the three are soon released and are told to abandon any type of investigative activity, advice that they will take care to ignore from the first second of freedom. Also because, returning to their prestigious and deadly condominium, they will find themselves surrounded by strange clues: it seems that the real responsible for Bunny’s death is having fun playing with their mind, fitting them with various tracks scattered around. The danger but above all the absurdity of the case will push Charles, Oliver and Mabel to restart their podcast too, finding themselves in increasingly bizarre and embarrassing situations.

It can be said that this second season, especially in the first part, is slightly more chaotic than the original cycleeven if we find everything that made this title great: the brilliant humor, the measured but effective sense of the twists, the organic fusion of entertainment and introspection, some not just experimental choices, like a flashback episode. Martin, Short and Gomez then confirm themselves calibrated actors and born to act together. To flesh out the quality of the new episodes there are also new entries of the caliber, among which we find big pieces like Shirley McLane, Cara Delevingne and Amy Schumer, all playing characters who obviously don’t seem what they are. But to make it even more meta- there is also the return of well-known faces from the first season, especially the usual tenants of the condominium that here reveal new traits of their character and above all show that they were not placed there by chance.

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In this and other aspects, especially from the point of view of the construction of the dialogues and the various internal references, Only Murders in the Building proves again a finely crafted mechanism. Even the Arconia, the aforementioned condominium where everything takes place, becomes a kind of character in its own right, of which we discover – literally – new sides hitherto hidden. To underline the infinite narrative potential, the story of this series almost folds in on itself to be told again and again, each time showing us unprecedented implications, new ways of folding the border between comedy, investigation and drama, new surprises in seeing sublime protagonists interact who are now more familiar than ever. Like a great product true crimethis series is also addicting, so get ready to hope for the next – albeit fictional – “murder in the palace”.

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