only positive patients end up on the Covid list anyway, that’s why

Here we go again. At the dawn of autumn, Friuli Venezia Giulia finds itself with 174 patients hospitalized in the wards dedicated to non-serious Covid positive patients. It is the same level that could be seen in the region in April, when the Green Pass era was in full swing and when there was still no talk of a fourth dose. But that “here we go again” does not refer at all (fortunately) to a new season of limits and restrictions, but rather to a formal defect that makes the daily bulletins drawn up jointly by health authorities and top leaders potentially and progressively less and less credible. regional health leaders.


At the beginning of the summer, in fact, a revolution strongly supported by Friuli Venezia Giulia and promoted by the councilor Riccardo Riccardi had managed to become true: enough with the count of admissions filled in as if all patients were the same, as if there were no clear distinction between a true Covid patient (pneumonia, fever, need for ventilation) and a patient hospitalized for other reasons and unfortunately also tested positive for the ritual swab. From that moment on, hospitals could have distinguished between the two types of infected (a too slow process, after more than two years of pandemic), allowing patients only positive but without the symptoms of Covid to “coexist” within other departments: surgery for those waiting for an operation, orthopedics for a broken arm and so on. And in fact the health structures have adapted, creating the so-called “bubbles”, which also in Friuli consist of rooms isolated from the others in the ward and able to welcome positive patients without discharging them to the Covid Medicine. The problem, however, is that once the data all flow into the large computer of the Region, this distinction is no longer visible. And we return, so to speak, to the ancient, to the method born with the first infections of February 2020.


The hospitals send a “dispatch” to the Health Directorate of Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is detailed, and includes the distinction between the various swab-positive patients present in the various facilities in the region. In the daily bulletin, however, this difference disappears and all patients with a positive test are merged into a single number. Which today brings the admissions counter to 175 people in the medical areas. Only a small percentage of these, however, really have the symptoms of the disease brought by Sars-Cov2. In short, here we go again. It seems a question of goat’s wool, but at stake is one of the key factors in the “game” of communicating the pandemic: transparency in the formulation of data, because it is not true – currently – that in Friuli there are 175 patients hospitalized due to of Covid. I’m in the hospital, but not for the pandemic.

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