ONNiKA releases its first EP ‘ONNiKA’ featuring Jé Santiago

Released by the SANTI Music label, the work has 6 tracks

The singer-songwriter’s first EP is now available ONNIKA. The artist arrives with everything and surprises with the unpublished material, which she has been working on in recent months. released by seal SANTI Musicthe EP, with the same title, is available on all digital platforms.

With the proposal to leave the comfort zone, ONNIKA defines that the EP has a more melodic characteristic, delivering respectful vocals and going beyond the Trap scenario. She also inserted some R&B and Soul elements into the tracks.

“People met me by sending me some rhymes but they don’t know that I sing too, besides composing I’m a singer and rapper. So it has a totally different aesthetic from what people think I would bring to the scene, a different stop”, she points out with great expectations of surprising.

ONNIKA always dreamed of launching a project that mixed genres, confessing that basically these are the ones that define her and have been part of her life since childhood, reinforcing that “I always wanted to make and deliver this wave, this Trap, Soul and R&B aesthetic”.

Assuming that rhyming has become a more recent skill than songwriting and singing, the rapper still says her inspiration was Nicki Minaj, his biggest international reference not only in terms of sound, but also in the influence on the choice of his stage name. She explains: “I rhyme for Nicki Minaj and my stage name is in honor of her, as a person and as an artist her name is Onika with one ‘n’, my stage name is with two ‘n’s”.

Still talking about Nicki Minaj, she says that the concept of the EP is inspired by the rapper’s fourth studio album, titled “Queen”, using references from the Egyptian concept and consecrating the name of the work as “ONNiKA”.

“It’s all in reference to Nicki Minaj, she is the person who aroused my interest in rhyming, today I rhyme because of this woman”, she also says that there is one more important reference for choosing the name of the EP and describes that it is O already“because his first work EP is called ‘Jé Santiago’, it’s his name, it’s the sound he makes, like R&B, his aesthetic, Trap and Soul, basically I’m doing that too, so I converged these two great inspirations and brought to my identity, they are my two musical influences, international and national”, he concludes.

In addition to being a labelmate and personal idol, Jé will be the only one invited to collaborate on a track on the EP and it doesn’t stop there. ONNiKA will be present at the SCENE, the biggest Trap festival in Latin America and will present their new songs live for the first time. She concludes that “it is of great satisfaction and I am looking forward to all this, let’s see what happens and how people will consume, criticize both positively and negatively, I am very happy, I am an artist and I want to express my art from the way it is, in my way and in my view”.

Listen to the album now:

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