“Oooooo! He’s gone now!” Brutal knockout on FEN. The rival could not get up [WIDEO]

– I entered the octagon, I knew what to do there and I did – said modestly Croat Mario Zgela after the fight, who for an interview with InTheCage.pl stood together with Ernest “Red” Ivanda, rapper, music producer and presenter, but also Zgela’s manager, who was not so modest. – I think you should get a bonus for such a fight – asked “Red” at one point.

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Mateusz Borek will work at KSW again. “I will not comment on the gal”

The WarBestial knockout at the gala in Poland. He was killing an unconscious person. “Let the judge save him” [WIDEO]

A spectacular knockout on FEN 37!

But before that, there was actually a lot to watch. – Wooo! But he’s gone now! Heavy knockout – commentator Łukasz “Juras” Jurkowski admired, when Zgela presented himself beautifully to the Polish fans in the first round and only in the second pre-card fight at FEN 37. He knocked down Kowalski with the powerful left, and after a while he finished on the ground floor. After these blows, when the referee had finished the fight, Kowalski tried to get up, but was unable to – after a while he fell back on the mat.

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Kowalski was the favorite before this fight. He was a contender for the championship belt in the light heavyweight category. – Not only Croats, but in general – people from the Balkans who fight, do not cripple. If the opportunity arises, they just take fights. And Mario took too. And with a Cossack like Kowalski – said “Red” after the victory.

Zaleś received a disgusting message.  The rival of 'Walus' showed the screen“Walus” rival received disgusting news. He showed the screen

Fight card at the FEN 37 gala:

  • 120.2 kg (for the title): Szymon Bajor (22-9) – Bartosz Szewczyk (3-0)
  • 70.3 kg (for the title): Mateusz Rębecki (14-1) vs. Arkady Osipyan (7-2)
  • 77.1 kg, K-1 (for the title): Dominik Zadora – Anatoly Hunanyan
  • 77.1 kg (for the title): Cezary Oleksiejczuk (7-2) – Aigun Akhmedow (22-2)
  • 77.1 kg: Adrian Zieliński (20-11) – Szymon Soul (10-6)
  • 83.9 kg: Krystian Bielski (8-3) – Piotr Kuberski (8-1)
  • 61.2 kg: Mariusz Joniak (9-4) – Lukas Chotenovsky (6-1)
  • 52.2 kg, K-1: Barbara Nalepka (13-2) – Hanna Gujwan (4-4)
  • 94.8 kg: Adam Kowalski (13-7-1) – Mario Zgela (5-2)
  • 93 kg, semi-pro: Łukasz Olech (4-0) – Paweł Pełski (7-2)

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