Open Fiber, Bertinetti at the head of the Network Consortium: 27 construction sites started

Guido Bertinettisince last April Network & Operations Director of Open Fiber, was appointed CEO of Open Fiber Network Solutions (Ofns)the consortium put in place with Amplia Infrastructures and Ciel to give a concrete response to the problem of labor shortages.

1,000 resources fully operational, full speed ahead on hiring

The consortium is hiring and training technical teams to complete the fiber optic network. “Ofns is already active and at work in 27 construction sites. We have hired 250 people so far and the goal is to reach 1000 when fully operational”, The CEO announces to CorCom. To date, Open Fiber employs about 8,000 people between induced and direct employees, but the number in the future will have to grow to almost double.

The manager also takes stock with CorCom on the results achieved during the year: “In September we built another 2,000 km of optical fiber in the white areas, a production in line with the average we have set for ourselves and consistent with the plan presented to Infratel, Mise and Regioni. This performance confirms the effectiveness of the actions taken to accelerate the coverage of white areas “. In September, the wholesale company increased the number of real estate units that can be sold in the white areas by 116 thousand units.

4 million FTTH units by the end of 2022, change of pace on the white areas

We will close 2022 with approximately 3 million FTTH real estate units for sale in the concession areasto which must be added over 1 million units already completely built but which have not yet received testing for a total of over 4 million FTTH units out of a total of 6.4 million”, Bertinetti continues announcing that at the end of the year 20 thousand kilometers of fiber will be rolled out incrementally compared to 2021. “Practically, in 2022 we achieved about 50% of what we did overall in the previous four years. A tangible testimony of the change of pace made by Open Fiber despite the difficulties of the context in which we operate, marked by the shortage of workforce and the increase in the costs of materials and electricity. For this I want to thank both all the Open Fiber colleagues and our partner companies, engaged in an extraordinary effort, which will continue until the completion of the project ”, concludes the manager.

The agreement with Eolo on the Fwa in the white areas

The strategic collaboration agreement that Open Fiber has signed with Eolo, a company specialized in providing ultra broadband connectivity through Fixed Wireless Access technology, aims to cover the white areas with ultra-broadband connectivity services in Fwa mode. The agreement extends the collaboration between the two companies, which dates back to 2019 with the marketing of Eolo’s FTTH services on the Open Fiber network, followed in 2021 by the agreement for the fiber optic connection of the Eolo towers in white areas by Of.

The agreement is part of Open Fiber’s plans to accelerate the coverage of the internal areas of the country, as it will be able to use the infrastructures available in 300 Eolo Radio Base Stations to facilitate the connection. in Fwa of rural areas. Open Fiber will also have the opportunity to take advantage of the technical and management know-how gained by Eolo in over 20 years of activity in the management of radio technologies, to support the design and installation of its Fwa network.

“We are very satisfied to have concluded this agreement with Open Fiber, driven by the common goal of satisfying the country’s connectivity needs and facilitating the achievement of the objectives set at the government level, thanks to a synergistic approach that avoids duplication of infrastructures – underlines Guido GarroneCEO of the Network Division of Eolo – In full coherence with the investments and the guidelines that are guiding the creation of the so-called ultra-fast networks, the agreement between the two companies represents an acceleration factor in the digital transition and confirms the leading role that Eolo and Fwa technology may also have in the future, thanks to the evolution in the 5G-NR standard, as an indispensable complement to the fiber up to homes, for a widespread coverage of the national territory, in a fast and efficient way “.

“The collaboration started with Eolo adds another piece to the acceleration of the coverage plan of the White Areas of the country, the small municipalities where Open Fiber is bringing ultra-fast connectivity in FTTH fiber or with Fwa in rural and difficult to reach areas – he explains Mario Rossetti, CEO of Open Fiber – The digitization policies adopted in our country have indicated clear and even more challenging objectives to be achieved than those contained in the EU Digital Compass. Italy, also and above all thanks to the entry of Open Fiber on the market and the constant development of its large investment plan, is climbing positions in the connectivity segment. The goal is that no citizen is left behind in terms of access to digital services, whether they live in a big city, in a mountain village or in an industrial area. For this reason, the coverage of the white areas has a prevalent social dimension for Open Fiber ”.


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