Open world game with realistic weapon maintenance


  • Not all games use typical weapon maintenance mechanics; some take a unique and sensitive approach to weapon durability.
  • Realistic games such as Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Red Dead Redemption 2 Players are required to take good care of their weapons to ensure they don’t become sluggish or jammed during combat.
  • Similar games S.T.A.R.K.: Call of Pripyat and Bushido 4 Stresses the importance of maintaining weapons in high-risk environments to prevent player deaths.

Many players complain after discovering the weapon maintenance mechanics in the game they are playing. The irritation is understandable, especially since most games don’t do a good job of justifying this mechanic. Often, a weapon in a degraded state is nothing more than an annoying trek back to the blacksmith for the player, who will repair the weapon and make it functional again.


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Fortunately, not all games use the same mediocre mechanics when it comes to weapon durability. There are many examples of games that allow players to engage with the concept of weapon durability in unique and sensible ways. These instances are few and far between, which is why the ones that stand out end up being memorable, especially in the open-world genre.

5 Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Players must correctly angle the blade on the whetstone to sharpen and maintain it

Players duel with enemies

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

February 13, 2018

War Horse Studio

Realism is a higher priority Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and this shows up in most aspects of the game. Henry, of course, is a blacksmith’s son with no fighting ability whatsoever, and players would need to sink several hours into the game before the character is competent enough to take on a bunch of dastardly bandits, let alone well-armored soldiers.

If Henry’s weapon loses its edge, the player must sit in front of the whetstone and use their body to move the blade so that it is at the correct angle to be sharpened by the whetstone. If the player is incompetent in this area, the blade may become even duller.

4 Red Dead Redemption 2

Weapons can rust from overuse and lack of care

Immersive Scenario Mod for Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

October 26, 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an immersive game that focuses on making the experience as realistic as possible, but some people find that this detracts from the overall experience. Still, the effort put into fleshing out the game’s animations and richness of detail is commendable.

The gunplay in this game feels responsive, and Arthur is encouraged to take care of his weapons as much as possible by using gun oil or taking the gun to an expert. Neglecting a gun can cause it to jam during combat, an undesirable outcome for obvious reasons.

3 S.T.A.R.K.: Call of Pripyat

Weapons can jam and misfire if they are not repaired by a technician

Stalker's Call in Pripyat

STALKER Call of Pripyat

February 2, 2010

survival horror

this stalker The series is one of the most underrated open-world first-person shooters, and fans should check it out if they want a more hardcore experience. These games are certainly not for the faint of heart, as the gameplay is challenging enough to force players to learn from every death.


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Taking care of your own fun in such a harsh environment is a must, especially since improperly maintained weapons can lead to one’s demise in the heat of a firefight. If players aren’t using their gun to reduce damage and get stuck at inopportune moments, it’s important to leave it to the experts.

2 Bushido 4

Players can invest in weapons, but will need to call a blacksmith regularly to keep them in top condition

samurai and samurai

Bushido 4

March 21, 2012


action adventure

This is a highly underrated series and more fans should check it out if they like unique sandbox games with branching narratives, sadly Way of the Samurai You’re only attracting a small portion of your audience. Players will love the reactivity of the sandbox and how multiple endings encourage replayability.

Every Way of the Samurai In the game, players must upgrade and maintain their weapons at all times. The latter is especially important if you don’t want a powerful upgraded blade to break in combat, which would be a death sentence for the player.

1 dying light

Weapons can only be repaired a few times before they become completely useless.

Player kicks zombie into spiked pole

dying light

January 27, 2015

dying light Combining parkour and action gameplay, players have a great time surviving in a post-apocalyptic environment where one mistake could spell their doom.While the game can feel stale at times, the unique combination of gameplay elements helps dying light Stands out as a rather catchy title.

The handling of weapons in the game is quite unique, with weapons breaking frequently. However, it is very realistic that a weapon can only be repaired a certain number of times before it is permanently lost. While loot creep means players will soon find bigger and better weapons, the addition of this mechanic is still appreciated.

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