Opole. Inhabitants won. Concrete pots are to disappear from the “general district”. When will it happen?

The Municipal Road Authority in Opole informed that most of the large concrete pots, which were placed on the local sidewalks as part of the renovation of the streets in the “general’s district”, are to disappear from there. A spokesman for the city hall adds that perhaps all of them.

After signals from some residents who did not like the location of the pots, the Municipal Road Authority decided that a large part of them would be moved.

– This way we will also green some other places in Opole – the Opole MZD informed on Facebook.

The problem, however, is that the inhabitants of the pots do not want at all.

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– Sorry, but they should all disappear. They do not fit, they take up half the pavement, and we have a lot of greenery in the district – writes Mrs. Lidia on the Facebook profile of the MZD in Opole.

But there are a lot of similar voices. The inhabitants of this part of Opole do not want concrete pots in which they have trees to grow.

– They do not exist and we do not find a single argument for putting them in accordance with the project – adds Mr. Wacław. – The designers did not take into account the existing vegetation and large trees on our properties. Let us residents enjoy and appreciate the effects of the long-awaited renovation. The subject has gone so far that sticking to this sick idea will unnecessarily evoke further negative emotions.

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