Oppo Find N – price. You can now buy with delivery to Poland

Are you dreaming of buying Oppo Find N? Me too. We both already have such an opportunity, because the smartphone has appeared in the AliExpress offer with delivery to Poland. Does the price encourage you to buy?

  • Oppo Find N is available for delivery to Poland.
  • The price is very high, over PLN 8,000.
  • The smartphone supports GMS and OTA updates.

Premiere Oppo Find N turned out to be one of the biggest surprises in recent weeks. A folded smartphone is a very thoughtful design. I like it more than its rival from Samsung. However, I hope that it will be available in Poland cheaper than for PLN 8240, for which I found it on AliExpress. Perhaps you are able to spend that money after all.

Oppo Find N

Oppo Find N is now available for delivery to Poland

What do you need to know when buying Oppo Find N? First of all, it is the Chinese version. The seller honestly points out that it has support for Google services and OTA updates. At the same time, the interface is not 100% translated (although Polish is of course available) and some Chinese applications cannot be uninstalled.

The foldable Oppo Find N is currently the coolest smartphone on the market

It does not change the fact that for me Oppo Find N is the coolest phone on the market. No foldable model seems so well thought out to me. It turned out great in the tests and is the only smartphone with a flexible screen to have a really solid battery (see the GSMAren test). In addition, you can charge it in an hour, which cannot be said about Samsung phones.

I also like the aspect ratio of the displays and very compact dimensions much more. However, it is not perfect. The external screen does not support 120 Hz refreshing, nor does it have any standard of water resistance. In addition, it works on the Snapdragon 888, which in such a slim design cannot cope with heat dissipation.

You can learn more about our first impressions of using Oppo Find N in the text below. There are some chances that this model will officially go on sale in our country. Let it turn out that its price is slightly more affordable than the one from AliExpress.

Meet the first foldable smartphone that I could buy myself: OPPO Find N officially!


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