OPPO Pad is back with an ace up its sleeve. This tablet makes a big mess around the world

All technology fans are waiting for the premiere of the OPPO Pad tablet with numerous aces up its sleeve. The Chinese manufacturer put it aside to focus on the OPPO Find N promotion, but did not forget about it – debut just around the corner.

It was loud about the OPPO Pad tablet in mid-November, but since then there has been no news of its premiere. Has the Chinese manufacturer invested valuable components and resources to cancel the presentation now? Nothing like that, as the show is just around the corner.

The premiere was delayed because OPPO simply had more important things to show – the foldable OPPO Find N smartphone is a perfect example of this, because its popularity is reaching its zenith. OPPO Pad can also count on success, although much less successful.

OPPO Pad certified, revealed 33W charging

The 3C certification revealing the fast charging standard confirms that OPPO Pad will enter the market soon. It will ship with 33 W power supply, which I am not afraid to call the title ace up my sleeve.

Oppo PAD

Oppo PAD poses for the first time live / photo: Nils Ahrensmeier

The lack of fast charging is a problem for many tablets, including the insanely popular iPads. OPPO Pad will have one of the better standards, so energy recovery won’t last forever – that’s important because the battery is to have a capacity of up to 8080 mAh.

Other components that we know about before the presentation are a solid Snapdragon 870 processor and an 11-inch LCD screen with image refresh rate up to 120 Hz. It all makes me want to shout: OPPO Pad, come to Polish sales!

If I were to buy a cheap Xiaomi phone, it would be just this one. And only in this promotion


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