Oppo Reno 7 sells well in China

The Oppo Reno 7 series sells unexpectedly well on the domestic market. In Poland, it may turn out to be a hit like its predecessor and allow you to beat Samsung.

There are phones that we buy “reasonably” and there are those that you just want to have for their appearance. The entire Reno series from Oppo has always been in the latter category from the very beginning. And it looks like they’re pretty good pre-sale business models Oppo Reno 7 enjoyed record popularity.

The manufacturer boasts that during the first wave of sales, the interest exceeded expectations and amounted to as much as 150% of that of the premiere of its predecessor. We are talking about a modest 100 million yuan in 15 minutes from the start of sales for all models presented. Even if only the most expensive variant was purchased, it would mean 25,000 fans in China alone satisfied with the purchase.

Oppo Reno 7

Oppo Reno 7 series / photo by the manufacturer

Will it be the same in Poland? It is possible, because for some reason you fell in love with your predecessors. The Polish branch of Oppo reported that the Reno 6 series sold well, and the manufacturer is already in the third place in terms of size in Poland. Not bad for phones that are certainly not the most profitable in terms of paper specifications.

I wonder how Oppo Reno 7 will handle outside China. It cannot be ruled out that their specification will be slightly different from the one you will find below. This was indicated by pre-release leaks – the processors were supposed to be much stronger than they turned out to be during the debut. Perhaps they concerned the version that we will soon find in Poland.

You will learn everything about the well-selling Oppo Reno 7 series from the opening text below. We seem to have changes as a remedy, and in fact, these are very interesting devices premium.

The premiere of the BEAUTIFUL OPPO Reno 7 series! Are the specifications and prices also encouraging?


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