Opponents call the children of Putin’s men pretending to summon them to the front. Peskov junior: «Me on the list? I’ll solve it on other levels »- The video

IS chaos in Russia after the announcement by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who started the partial military mobilization, that is a lever that will bring another 300,000 soldiers to the battlefield and will concern “reservist citizens” or who already have experience in the armed forces . Air traffic went haywire, other men – those with a visa Shengen – they headed en masse towards the Finland with the hope of being able to cross the border, while many citizens took to the streets to protest. But is military mobilization really valid for all reservists or men with previous experience in the Russian armed forces? Judging by the phone calls made by Dmitry Nizovtsevmember of the ng Anti-corruption Foundation founded by the political opponent of the Kremlin Alexei Navalny, it would seem not. Nizovtsev pretended to be an employee of the military registration and enlistment office and called some children of the officials and deputies closest to Vladimir Putin to summon them for medical examinations to be carried out before being included among the 300,000 men called by the Russian president to defend the country e to ensure a “correct conduct” of the annexation referendums to be held in the people’s republics of Donestk And Lugansk and in the regions of Cherson And Zaporizhzhia.

The “call” to the son of Putin’s spokesperson

Among the people called by Nizovtsev there is also Nikolay Peskovson of Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov. During the phone call in which the young man, born in 1990, was asked to come to the usual medical examinations, the son of Peskov replied that he wouldn’t show up because “you know, I am Mr. Peskov and it is not entirely correct for me to be included (in the call for mobilization, ed). In any case, I will soon resolve the matter on a different level. ‘ During the conversation, Peskov Jr. then added that he had not given his consent to enlist as a volunteer: “I need to understand in general what is happening and what rights I have.” «I have no problems defending my homeland – continued Peskov Jr. -, but I need to understand the reason for my being called: I will do what I am told. If Vladimir Putin says I have to go, I’ll go. But I shouldn’t be on the list. ” The son of Putin’s spokesperson, he has served in the past in the past RVSN RF, the Strategic Missile Forces of the Russian Federation, a military body independent of the Moscow Armed Forces and specialized in the use of nuclear weapon systems. But Peskov Jr. wasn’t the only one contacted. Nizovtsev he also phoned to Alexei Mishustinson of the prime minister Mikhail Mishustin, who replied “that he still has no intention of presenting himself at the front”. In short, mobilization yes, but perhaps not for the “children of”.

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