Orange pre-paid: new rules in unlimited services

Orange card with new rules in unlimited services

Orange introduced new rules in the pre-paid offer – specifically in unlimited services. The operator praises that the changes will ensure the possibility of unlimited use of the telephone and free surfing on the Internet. The novelty applies to all current and future users.

On November 18, 2021, Orange introduced changes to the regulations services “Calls, SMSs and MMSs without limit to all + GB package”. On the company’s blog, the operator mentions the following news:

  • Expiration days from subsequent activations, the services add up. The customer can now switch on new versions of the service at any time and combine them with each other almost freely.
  • The operator will also be there it was adding gigabytes to itself from subsequent activations and automatic renewals of the service, so that the service never runs out of internet.
  • Simplified transition from the old version with no limit (without MMS) to the current service “Calls, SMSs and MMSs without limit to all + GB package”. Validity days and gigabytes accumulated in the old service will be transferred.

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The “Calls, SMSs and MMS services without limit to all + 15 GB” for PLN 30 for 31 days can be enabled:

  • sending SMS with the text START under 630 (cost of SMS to Orange),
  • in the app My Orange (then the client will receive a 2x larger gigabyte packet).

Offer details after the latest changes present the regulationsy:

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Source of photos: Orange Polska

Text source: Orange Polska Blog

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