Oreste Sangalli, victim of the massacre

Paullo, in the wrong place at the wrong time: Oreste Sangalli, victim of the massacre

The National Bank of Agriculture after the explosion

The farmer was in the bank of Piazza Fontana on 12 December 1969

You can also read the name of Oreste Sangalli, Paullo’s farmer, in Piazza Fontana, among the 17 tiles that commemorate the victims of the attack of 12 December 1969 in Milan. Gabriele Guida, councilor for communication of the municipality of Paullo, remembers this, but also a relative of the farmer who died for the simple fault of having found himself in the wrong place, on the wrong day, at the traditional meeting between agricultural mediators, losing his life in one of the massacres that bloodied the history of Italy. The relay race “Together to not forget” ended on Tuesday, which retraced the places of the attacks of the hot autumn and the years of lead, the representative of the Paullese junta told the story of his family, inextricably linked to those facts and that he has lived indirectly on his skin. At the time, in fact, he was not yet born.

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