Origi, first shots towards a season as a potential protagonist


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Minute 84 ‘of Milan-Udinese: Leao out and Origi in. This is how Divock’s adventure at Milan began, alongside a top-notch bomber like Olivier Giroud and backed by compatriots Charles De Ketelaere and Alexis Saelemaekers. An atypical attack (momentary) for Milan which, however, gave some emotion in the final to the fans devoted to the Devil. The Belgian seems to be in good physical shape after having disposed of the injury sustained in the season finale in Liverpool and now the former Reds player has nothing left but to put important minutes in his legs to be ready for the tour de force that will start in September .

FIRST SHOTS – In just under twelve minutes, Origi, however, still gave some flames to the public at San Siro, and not. Obviously taking over from 4-2 has a totally different value compared to other, worse, situations, but the new AC Milan signing immediately proved able to penetrate the opposing defense and allow a vertical development of the game, in perfect Pioli style. A movement above all is that on the volley of Saelemaekers, where the number 27 makes an insertion as a purebred bomber in the small area (which, however, is not rewarded by his Belgian colleague). And this suggests that Divock, in particular during the race in progress, could easily coexist even with an intelligent forward and director like Giroud. The native of Ostend, albeit in the field for a few minutes, gave good feelings. And we must not forget (it often happens) that Origi has all the potential and qualities to become a protagonist of the Devil’s season: he has physical power, technique and a sense of position. Now his main objectives will inevitably be to settle in a decidedly different context than that of Liverpool (both football and cultural) and enter, soon, in an excellent physical condition to best express his qualities.

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