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What is the best name for a baby girl? It is not easy to answer this question, because one’s own is involved in the choice personal tastei memories that some names evoke in us and the sensations. What is certain is that we all aspire for our future baby a original female names that are not trivial and that can evoke a particular meaning. Here then is a small overview in which we will discover together the best.

Particular female names, why choose them?

I would choose most popular baby girl names and popular is certainly not a bad thing. Choosing rare female names However you have the option to make the most of your little girl’s uniqueness. Without forgetting that each name has its own precise meaningas a dedication for the unborn child.


Lightnessevanescence, impossibility of imprisoning it, freedom. We think of all this and more when we hear this name. But, let’s face it, many also think about character Arya Stark of the famous television series Game of thrones. In this case the name Aria also implies one good dose of couragea dedication to your daughter with the hope that she will be able to overcome every obstacle without difficulty that you will find on your way.


One among most elegant female names everwhat does it mean clear and brilliant, but also famous. It is a name to dedicate to your own girl if you want his soul to be lighthis brilliant mind and his actions capable of take her away.


Between most elegant female nameswe must undoubtedly mention Daphne. For the uninitiated, in the mythologyDaphne is one nymph who let herself be transformed into a laurel to succeed in flee from the god Apollo, madly in love with her. A name to choose for your little girl if you want that always live in the utmost freedom and wisdom.


Beautiful, bright and great value just like a diamonda name that is undoubtedly auspicious for your little girl.


It means gift of Godthe perfect name to give to a little girl who came into her life almost by chance or after countless attempts to have a child. Perfect wish a bring peace and light in one’s life.

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Electra is one among elegant and refined female namesa name that means shining object. Offer it to your daughter if you want her to be bright, capable of shine with its own lightbut also if you want both brave and able to take over the reins of his life. In mythology it is indeed she who avenges the death of her father Agamemnon.


Being moms it means wishing only the best for your little girl, wishing that she could always be bright in life, pure and bright. This is precisely the meaning of Phoebe, a name to offer to your little girl if it is the light that one hopes is always present in his life.


Just say this name to immediately bring to mind the painter (and feminist) Frida Kahloa name to choose if you want her too always follow your wishes and travel on the wings of freedomwithout being conditioned by anything or anyone, not even by the society in which we live.


Of course, gods can also be considered foreign female nameshow Grace. It means gracean ideal name if you hope your little girl will have a elegant and good soul and that it is always welcomed by all. Of course, it is impossible not to think about Grace Kellywho from an actress she has become princess.


Vintage is trendy, but not only in fashion. Also many i vintage female names which are today as today in fact for the major, such as for example Gwendolyn. It is a name of Welsh originwhat does it mean white and bright.


Among the best rare and elegant baby nameswe must remember Leah. There are few girls who bear this name, a name very short and simple. No doubt it is in its simplicity that lies its elegance. The meaning is lionessideal if you want your little girl to become one day strong and courageous. Among the famous people who bear this name, we cannot fail to mention the French actress Leah Seydoux.


A name to give to your little girl if you want it to be beautiful and bright just like the moon, but also mysterious. Impossible not to think about the Harry Potter character Luna Lovegooda character out of line which proves brave and kind-hearted.


Name of Hebrew origin meaning shining like light or Light carrier. A name simple, short, elegant and very rare indeed to find that is undoubtedly of good luck for each little girl.

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This name draws inspiration from the homonymous flower that is usually given on the occasion of women’s day a flower which is a symbol of femininity and elegance.


One among Beautiful girl names for girls, which has a meaning that is like a real wish. Indeed it means “worthy of admiration”. A famous person with this name? Miranda Kerr obviously.


Looking for sweet female names? Nina (yes, just like Nina Zilli) is undoubtedly one sweetness truly infinite. It is not actually a name in its own right, in fact it was born as diminutive. Over time, however, it has turned into a proper name to all effects.


A female name which comes from the Latin, whose literal meaning is stone, rock. It’s a name worth choosing if you want your little girl to be able to always be strong in his lifeown like a rock, whatever happens. A name worth choosing even if you think that little girl is there rock of your lifeshe who can bring force, courage and a good dose of hope.


It’s actually about the diminutive of Philippathe latter name meaning horse lover. Now, however, it is no longer used only as a diminutive, but also as full name, short and full of charm. Obviously impossible not to think about Pippa Middleton.


Looking for original short female names? Sole is a name that corresponds precisely to all these characteristics. Obvious to talk about its meaning: light, brilliancebut also warmth and life.


Power, vitality And will to live. If that’s what you want for your little girl, no doubt the name Life it’s perfect. Not to mention that it is short, easy to remember, elegant in its simplicity.


What is the rarest female name? Zelda is one among names that are heard less around. It has origins Yiddish and its meaning is blessed and happy. A name to choose if you think your little girl is one blessing and if you want her face to always have a huge smile, always, without any exception. There are many famous people who have this name, even the daughter of Robin Williams.

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