Originally from Chattoponsac, Méliès Charlery-Adele shot “The Fabulous Adventures of Jean and Henri.”

“When I was young, I wanted to become an actress to play princesses. Then around 10-12 years old, I chose a job that was less difficult to get, my parents were away from the cinema world “My father is the owner of the Café Presse Châtelaud in Châteauponsac and my mother is AESH,” says Méliès Charlery-Adel, 20. Aspiring to obtain a MEEF master’s degree (Teaching, Education and Training Business), she applied to theater boards. preferred university benches instead, “because I had always wanted to be a school teacher”.

but in this partnership The Amazing Adventures of Jean and Henry Gregory Sudts might have asked her to review her professional projects with the possibility of taking a break to play small roles…

cousin bathilde

In fact, the two families have known each other for about 10 years, when they all lived at Le Canet. Despite the move, the relationship has been maintained: Grégory is also godfather to one of Méliès’ brothers, who spends all his holidays in Beaujolais.

“It all started when I, along with my wife, Marion, decided to tell our family history to our seven children through a series of films that chronicled the fantastic adventures of their ancestors, which, among other things, In addition, lived in Allier and Beaujolais. john and henryMy children’s ancestors are two young children from the 1900s who live in the Middle Ages enchanted by the fantastic adventures of their three cousins”, says the producer and director, who, on a daily basis, is an osteopath.

Three short films have already been made: Bathilde, the character played by Méliès, appears in Chapter 2, which was shot in February 2022 and is titled bully’s hegemony,

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“I was surprised, and very excited, by the offer to join the cast. I didn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. Even if I had done a little more theater when I was young, I was apprehensive. I took the experience very seriously. taken”, says. The young woman, who was dressed in medieval dress and headdress for the occasion and from another time, evoked some memories by launching this interjection: “Oh, what a godsend!”

But who is this Bathilde? “In a dream, Jeanne and Henri, along with their cousins ​​Jeanne, Marthe and Alix, must confront Enguérant le Forbe, who has taken the seigneury. The children offer to help Lord Godefroy, whose cousin Bathilde is ” So this second episode allows the first appearance of this character, who should return in chapter 5. It was also included in a book of the same name published last May (the second is scheduled for October 2023 and the third is in the process of being written).

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Filming of the three scenes (with some lines) in which Méliès appears took place in a single day at the Château de Berze-le-Châtel, where… Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were directed by Ridley Scott for the film Was. final duel ,

All videos on youtube channel.
More information: jean-et-henri.fr. The book is available at the Café Presse Châtelaud in Châteauponsac and on several websites…

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