Orlen and Synthos to invest in nuclear power plants. The first reactor in Poland in 2029

PKN Orlen and Synthos Green Energy have signed an investment agreement, the result of which will be the establishment of a special purpose vehicle for the development of nuclear technology in Poland and the construction of small and micro nuclear reactors.

Today we have signed an investment agreement between Synthos Green Energy and PKN Orlen. A company will be established Orlen Synthos Green Energywhich will invest, develop and cooperate in the field of nuclear technologies, i.e. micro and small nuclear reactors – announced on Tuesday during a press conference the president of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek.

The President of PKN Orlen emphasized that the company is already a multi-energy concern, but in order to further develop and at the same time develop the Polish economy, it must make “here and now” decisions that cover the perspective of 20 or 30 years.

GE Hitachi is a leader that has the technology and the ability to make such reactors. It is the most advanced company in MMR and SMR technology. Canada chose this technology, the first such reactor will be built there. We would like the next reactor to be built in 2029 in Poland – said Obajtek.

In an interview with RMF FM journalist Maciej Sztykiel, the president of Orlen argued that the reactor would be roughly the size of a football field. In total, there will be a dozen of them, each will cost about PLN 1 billion.

Obajtek argues that the reactors will be modern, safe and very effective. I will give you such a comparison: the cost of producing even one megawatt hour is about $ 50 with recycling, with everything. And in Poland it is over $ 80 – he praised.

At the Ministry of State Assets, we encourage State Treasury companies to boldly invest, to adopt an ambitious policy that will translate into the competitiveness of the Polish economy – emphasized Deputy Minister Maciej Małecki.

As he added, the decision to establish a special purpose company PKN Orlen and Synthos Green Energy for the development of nuclear technology in Poland and the construction of small and micro nuclear reactors “it is a milestone towards the development of small nuclear reactors in the Polish economy”.

Two years ago, Synthos signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese-American company GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) in considering the possibility of building the BWRX-300 reactor in Poland.

At the beginning of 2020, GEH started the licensing process in the USA, and in October 2020, Synthos Green Energy turned to the Polish Nuclear Regulatory Authority for assistance in determining the content of the application for the issuance of the so-called overall opinion. In the opinion of the PAA, this can be considered an initial stage of the regulatory dialogue.

Small modular reactors, the so-called SMR is a technology which is still being developed and aims to accelerate the construction process and reduce the cost of nuclear energy. A traditional, powerful reactor requires enormous investments. Several dozen SMR construction projects are currently underway in the world.

At the end of August, businessmen Zygmunt Solorz-Żak and Michał Sołowow announced the start of a joint project aimed at building several SMRs based on the assets of former coal-fired power plants in Pątnów. The investment involves the construction of 4-6 reactors with a capacity of 300 MW each.

Also in September, the state-owned KGHM signed an agreement with the American company NuScale Power LLC, which is to build at least four SMR reactors for the Polish copper giant. The first is to be built in 2029.

Let us recall that in accordance with the Polish Energy Policy until 2040, in 2033 the first unit of a large Polish nuclear power plant with a capacity of 1-1.6 GW is to be commissioned. The next blocks are to be implemented every 2-3 years. The entire state program provides for the construction of six units with a total capacity of up to 9 GW.

Solorz and Sołowow want to build a nuclear power plant together

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