Orlen fusion with Lotos. Daniel Obajtek comments: There will be no group layoffs

There are no group layoffs in the merger process between Orlen and Lotos, said the president of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, on Thursday. He noted that employees are transferring to new entities and maintaining their rights.

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In line with the decisions announced on Wednesday, Saudi Aramco will buy 30 percent shares in the Lotos refinery, Hungarian MOTH – 417 Lotos petrol stations, a Unimot – fuel bases. Orlen emphasized that in this way it fulfills the conditions of the European Commission for the takeover of Lotos.

Agreement with trade unions

On Thursday, in the First Program of Polish Radio, the president of PKN Orlen was asked about possible job cuts. – I would never bring about any merger where people would lose their jobs – assured Daniel Obajtek.

As he said, “there are no collective redundancies in this process. We signed an agreement with the unions, an agreement on remedial conditions. Employees move to new entities, maintain their rights. ”

– We are now negotiating an agreement with regard to all unions in Orlen, PGNiG and Lotos – he added Daniel Obajtek.

These processes – emphasizes the head of Orlen – do not mean that companies are in a bad financial situation and that restructuring programs have to be made and people must be laid off. – There is no such problem – he emphasized.

A rescue for the refinery

A refinery such as Lotos stands no chance in itself, he said. – 30 refineries were closed in 13 years in Europe – noted Obajtek. He added that refineries operate at 75 percent. possibilities, there is an oversupply of fuels. – Such refineries should be transformed into petrochemical refineries – he assessed.

– We have signed a contract for the supply of 20 million tons of crude oil to the region, this ensures the safety and quality of crude oil, as well as the appropriate types of crude oil on which we can build petrochemicals, these are only benefits – emphasized the president of the Płock concern.

When will prices at petrol stations drop?

When asked whether the reduction of VAT on fuels from 23 percent announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki as part of the inflation shield 2.0. up to 8 percent will cause prices at the stations to fall, Obajtek promised: “we will do everything in this matter.”

– We have such a network of stations and a wholesale market that we will generally implement it for sure and we believe that the others will also implement it and this reduction will be – said the president of PKN Orlen.

He pointed out that “fuels are part of the price of everything” and their reduction is important for the economy.

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On Wednesday, PKN Orlen announced that Saudi Aramco will buy 30 percent for about PLN 1.15 billion. shares in the Lotos refinery. The Saudi concern will also buy Lotos companies dealing in wholesale and aviation fuels. At the same time, Orlen signed three contracts with the Saudis: for oil supplies, cooperation in the area of ​​research and development and joint analyzes of investments in the petrochemical area.

That was the condition of Brussels

PKN Orlen – by the decision of the European Commission – must sell some of Lotos’s assets so that it can merge with this concern.

In turn, the Hungarian MOL will take over 417 Lotos fuel stations located in Poland for the amount of USD 610 million. On the other hand, PKN Orlen will buy 144 fuel stations in Hungary and 41 fuel stations in Slovakia from MOL for approx. EUR 229 million.

In turn, the area of ​​fuel and asphalt logistics under Lotos Terminale will be purchased by Unimot for at least PLN 450 million. Lotos Biofaliwa will be sold to the Hungarian company Rossi Biofuel.

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