Orlen is preparing a novelty in 2022. It will be the first such station

The first hydrogen refueling station will be built in March or April. It will be a mobile station in Krakow – Węgrecki told PAP.

He added that it will be used for refueling buses. Węgrecki also said that a year later they will be built more objects, which will be located in Poznań and Katowice.

– These will not be mobile stations anymore, but stationary ones – he explained.

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In October this year, the concern from Płock announced that by the end of 2030 it was planning to build over 50 hydrogen refueling stations throughout Poland.

– We are a modern concern, following the global trend of developing innovative, and at the same green technologies, which show us the way to sustainable business. One of them is hydrogen technology. This is the future of the automotive industry. We are intensifying work on its development because we want to occupy a strong competitive position in this promising segment. Hydrogen hubs will be created in Trzebinia, Włocławek, and then in Płock. At the same time, we cooperate with local governments and municipal transport companies – potential recipients of hydrogen. The hydrogen refueling stations that we are going to build are another natural step in achieving our business goals – said Daniel Obajtek, President of the Management Board of PKN Orlen.

According to the company, the demand of one bus for hydrogen fuel is 30 kg / day, which will allow for a distance of approx. 300 km. The capacity of the Toyota Mirai passenger car tanks is around 5 kg of hydrogen, which will allow for a distance of nearly 600 km. In addition, the use of green hydrogen technology in transport will significantly contribute to improving air quality and reducing noise levels in cities.

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