Orlen unveiled the cards in the Lotos case. Hungarians and Saudis will buy back some of the business

Orlen announced in the Wednesday report that “the work on the implementation of remedial measures resulting from the conditional decision of the European Commission on the takeover of control over Grupa Lotos SA by PKN Orlen SA has been completed”

Under the agreements Hungarian MOL will buy 417 Lotos stations. A fixed element of MOL’s price for Lotos Paliwa is approx. $ 610 million, a dependent variable of debt and working capital – informed the Polish side.

– For MOL, this transaction represents an important step in the strategic transformation journey that we started in 2016 and which we accelerated last year with our updated strategy. The acquisition of ACG’s assets in Azerbaijan, the construction of a new polyol factory in Hungary and the entry to Poland are important milestones on the way to achieving our goals. Thanks to this acquisition, we will gain access to the largest economy in Central and Eastern Europe and reach almost 40 million potential customers with our products and services. Hungarians and Poles share the same historical experience, our common goal is to ensure secure energy supplies in the CEE region, I believe that the North-South energy corridor will be strengthened thanks to this agreement – said Péter Ratatics, Executive Vice President, Consumer Services, MOL Group , quoted in the information provided by the Hungarian company.

– A little less than a year ago, we introduced the MOL 2030+ strategy, and our goal was to expand our network of petrol stations to 2,200 units in Central and Eastern Europe by 2025. We will not stop there, because we believe that consumer services have great potential for transformation energy. Our goal is to serve an increasing number of customers and provide mobile solutions in line with the changing habits of consumers, as well as the highest quality services and goods. The great Lotos network will be an excellent base for this – he added.

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