Orlen warns: beware of scammers!

As PKN Orlen informs in the announcement, false advertisements, most often encouraging to invest in the company’s shares and its investment projects, appear primarily on social networks, such as Facebook or YouTube, as well as on “numerous websites and in mailings”.

Use of the name, logo and image

The concern also explained that “these advertisements use unlawfully the name, trademarks and images of representatives of the company and state institutions”.

“We clearly emphasize that individual investors may only invest in PKN Orlen shares through licensed brokerage houses and banks conducting brokerage activities, the full list of which can be found on the website of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority “- stated in the information.


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“We never call customers”

At the same time, PKN Orlen assured that its “direct communication” to potential investors is carried out only through official websites, such as: orlen.pl and orlenwportfelu.pl or through official profiles in social media – twitter.com/PKN_ORLEN, facebook.com/ORLENOfficial and youtube.com/PKNORLENSA_official.

“PKN Orlen never calls customers with a proposal for individual investments” – the concern stated in the press release. And he appealed: “please be extremely careful and report false advertisements and fraud attempts to the address [email protected] or to the relevant law enforcement authorities.”




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